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Why Do Logger Boots Have A Heel? Demystified

Why do logger boots have a heel? This is a question most loggers have in mind. This article demystifies why logger boots are special.

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For those who work in the logging industry, their life is full of adventure. Safety and protection are part of their lives as much as cutting down huge trees. You may be wondering why do logger boots have a heel and other works boots don’t.

The logging industry faces different challenges than construction or other work industries. It is more about the utility and use of the shoe in the logging industry than anything else. To understand the reason behind why logger boots have a heel, we need to dig a little deeper and understand their work environment.

Why Do Loggers Need Special Boots?

A logger goes into forest, sometimes marshes to cut down trees. The weather isn’t always favorable too. It is rough terrain full of water puddles or mud. Once you are in the middle of the forest, the loggers also need to make sure than nothing crawls into their shoes.

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Why Do Logger Boots Have A Heel? 5 Reasons

1. Provide better stability on muddy grounds

The heel of the boots will keep the foot elevated in marshes and muddy grounds. It also provides better grip and traction to walk around such terrains. The raised heels prevent slipping.

The loggers often have to engage in rope pulling activities. With the heels, they can fix their foot in the ground and apply greater force without having to fear about slipping.

2. Helps in climbing the trees

The loggers often climb the trees to remove extra branches before they cut the whole tree down. The climbing needs better stability and a slip-proof movement. The high heels in the logger shoes help the logger to fix the foot better when climbing up or down the tree

3. To make the logging boots last longer

It is a proven fact that the boots with heels last longer. A regular human being while walking places the heel first and then comes to the toes.

Undoubtedly, the heels of the boots wear out and soles lose the grip faster. The logger boots have raised heels than other work boots to make them last longer.

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4. The logger posture and functionality

Cutting down the tree requires a correct posture of the body and a swift motion to be repeated to cut down faster. The heels provide stability when the logger is in a downward arch position and good traction.

5. Kick!

The lumberjacks have a distinct personality. It has been noticed on several occasions that they like to throw their feet around and kick at things. Whether it is opening the doors or pulling a chair close.

They like to use their special boots to do it rather than using hands. Once you are in a forest full of spiders and snakes, a high heel boot will help you protect yourselves from their crawlers.

Over To You

Why do logger boots have a heel? It sums up to functionality, work environment, and use of the boots for loggers. The shoes are part of the safety protection kits as much as any other. You can never go wrong with high heel logger boots in this business.

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