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What Is Heel Slippage In Boots? Easy Solutions

If you are wondering what is heel slippage in boots, it’s like your feet popping out of your boot when you walk. Read this article to learn how you can prevent it from happening.

What Is Heel Slippage In Boots - man adjusting his boots

Heel slippage in boots is a common problem we face with a new shoe. One must be aware of this slippage issue. It is an uncomfortable situation that most people face. Your feet may even pop out of the shoes.

In a new shoe, the outsole has not yet adjusted to the manner in which your feet bend while you walk. After repeated usage for about a week or so, the feet and the shoes get accustomed to each other. However, if you see that slippage continues, you need to get to the root of the problem.

It can be quite embarrassing, if your feet constantly slip out while walking. Furthermore, it may be one of the most noticeable features of your walking style. Many people might give you funny stares. So, you have got to solve it.

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How to Prevent Heel Slippage in Boots?

1. Right Footwear Size

You can prevent heel slippage by selecting the right size of footwear. This will ensure that your feet fit snuggly and do not get a chance to pop out. Therefore, your shoes should neither be smaller or larger than your feet. If you purchase a larger one, it will cause foot slippage.

Additionally, you should buy shoes in the evening. As that is the time when the foot is at its largest size. This is just one of the ways, you can get rid of the heel slippage issue.

2. Tie Your Shoelace Tightly

You should try to tie your shoelaces tightly. This will ensure that your feet don’t come out when you walk. Pull-on shoes or the boots without laces seem to have the problem of heel slippage the most.

3. Using a Tongue Pad

Another great way to stop heel slippage is by using a tongue pad. A tongue pad can help the feet sole stick to the shoe and prevent heel slippage.

4. Lace Anchors

Now, there is another way to secure your laces. Shoelaces can become loose often. So, you can use lace anchors. This probably can be an alternative medium to prevent heel slippage. After installing one, you just need to pull the laces once to check, they will not budge. You can also use elastic laces like given below to get a snug shoe fit.

5. Wear Double Socks

You can wear double socks if you feel that your boots are too loose. This can surely not be a permanent solution but can help you for the time being.

6. Other Ways

There are various other ways to prevent heel slippage in boots. You can use double-tape to fix heel slippage in boots. The tape will keep your feet glued to the shoes.

Some people have also used hair spray. That is quite quirky. There are people who have also invested in non-slip socks. This probably will keep your own foot from gliding forward. They are inexpensive and you can surely try them to solve your problem of heel slippage.

Over To You

I think that I have answered the question “What is heel slippage in boots?” and have also mentioned some ways to solve this problem. Try to incorporate these and see the changes for yourself.

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