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How to Wrap Foot For Top Of Foot Pain

Extensor tendonitis is a pain that bothers the top of your foot due to various causes like fractures, muscle sprains, tendon inflammation and bone spurs. Learn how to wrap foot for top of foot pain in this short yet to the point article.

how to wrap foot for top of foot pain - woman holding her foot

Why Does Top of Foot Pain Happen?

Extensor tendonitis can occur when the tendons that pull the feet up suffer from inflammation. It can happen due to an accident or even strain caused by day to day activities.

You can experience mild to severe pain on the top of your foot any day from walking, running, exercising, and sports activities or simply from wearing ill-fitting shoes. Read How to Break In Cowboy Boots Overnight so that you do not face useless foot pain!

Most people do not know how to wrap foot for top of foot pain. We all know the simple homely ways to ease foot sprains by wrapping a bandage around but there are special techniques to take care of pain on the top of the foot.

You may experience pain and swelling in the centre or top of your foot. Other symptoms for the same problem may be tight calf muscles and pain between the ankle and the ball. If you wish to know how to wrap foot for top of foot pain this is a must-read article for you.

How to Wrap Foot For Top of Foot Pain – Simple Steps

  • Point the foot downwards by placing the heel on a slightly elevated surface. You can use a rolled-up towel and place your heel on it to make your toes point downwards.
  • Remember to stretch the foot smoothly without bending it at the toes or ankle.
  • Use a pain-relieving adhesive tape such as Kinesio tape and peel off one section of it first.
  • Paste the tape as near the toes as possible and stretch it till the ankle in a vertical position without bending the feet at all. Keep it straight, pointing downwards all throughout the process.
  • Rub the tape gently to create some friction and causing the tape to fix properly on the skin.
  • Now remove the rolled towel from underneath the heel and place your foot down now on the heel. This time your toes should point upwards.
  • If the tape has wrinkles on the part where the foot bends at the ankle, you need another tape crossing it horizontally to ease off the pain.
  • Keeping the foot in that position, peel off another tape and place it horizontally along the central part of the top of your foot, just between the ankle and the toes.
  • Fix the tape tightly to avoid wrinkles and paste them properly on the skin. Rub slowly on the fixed tape to create some friction once again so that it attaches to the skin well.

The method is illustrated in this KT Tape video below:

Over to You

This is how to wrap foot for top of foot pain and get relief soon. This technique eases the pain by soothing the hurt muscles and tendons on the top of the foot.

In general if you have foot pain, some stretches can come to your help. Check this video below to see three easy stretches that can take some pain of your foot.

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