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How to Put On An Aircast Boot

Do you have a severe ankle sprain or a foot fracture and have been advised to wear an aircast boot? Learn how to put on an aircast boot without much effort in this short yet to the point article.

How to Put On An Aircast Boot - aircast boot

What is An Aircast Boot?

An Aircast boot is basically an orthopedic help, which provides support to your foot while it heals from internal damage.

You may have a sprained ankle or a minor fracture of your foot, an Aircast boot will help you walk while your injury heals.

Wearing an Aircast boot gives you the flexibility to move around even with an injury and also takes care such that no further damage is done to the affected area.

How Does Aircast Boot Help?

Aircast boots give a greater level of control to the user allowing the customization of the level of comfort via the adjustable straps and air pockets located at the sides of the brace.

Aircast boots help in pain management after an operation on the foot. The affected foot gets greater support from the fixed structure and also a sense of comfort from the air pockets. The protection shield at the top and bottom also ensures that no further injury takes place in the area concerned.

Aircast boots are however not suggested if you do not have a sensation in the foot whether due to any nerve damage or any medical condition. Do consult with a doctor if you feel no sensation in your foot and are still wearing an aircast boot.

How to Put On An Aircast Boot?

Step 1: It is advised to wear a cotton socks over the injured foot. Slowly put on the socks without causing pain to the affected area.

Step 2: Sit down on a comfortable tool or chair and press your heel firmly to the back of the boot.

Step 3: Wrap the material of the boot around the foot and then over the leg. Ensure that the wrap is snug, however it should be too tight as well.

Step 4: Put on the protective plate of the foot and then the shin. Strap it on tightly both at the front and at the top so as to ensure a comfortable fit.

Step 5: You may wear any comfortable shoe over the other foot, preferably a sneaker.

Step 6: Insert the tip of the air pump to the aircell valve, mostly located at the back of the brace. Inflate the air cells of the boot to get a snug feel. Similarly inflate the other air cells to get a comfortable fit.

The air cells give a firmness around your ankle, so inflate them properly. Do remember not to over inflate them as that can cause skin irritation.

Step 7: Take a crutch under your arm and slowly move forward, taking care not to hurt your affected feet.

Watch this video to see the steps involved in wearing the boot.

Learn How to Wrap Foot For Top Of Foot Pain.

How to Clean A Walking Boot?

In order to clean the inside of the Aircast or walking boot, you can slightly spray any odor removal spray and then allow it to dry in air. But do remember not to use a spray if you have an open wound, as this may cause infections. The plastic outer cover can be cleaned with a wet towel to remove any dirt from usage.

Over To You

Injury to the foot can be trouble some. It takes away your freedom to move around. However if you are in a position to use an aircast boot or have been advised to do so by your doctor, you can gain back some partial to move around.

Wearing the aircast boot can be difficult for beginners. I hope this article could help you learn the process. Now that you know how to put on an walking boot, do so with ease or help someone which cannot wear it on their own.

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