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How To Make Shoes Slip Proof? 5 Easy Tricks

How to make shoes slip proof is a common question which crops up in our head from time to time. Indeed it is a necessity. In this article, we will share some easy tricks and methods using which you can make your shoes slip proof.

How to Make Shoes Slip Proof - caution

Why are Slip Proof Shoes Important?

Did you ever land in a situation when you wore your new shoes and felt like you are floating on ice rink instead of walking? In recent years, more and more workplaces are making it mandatory to wear non-slip shoes to make the workplace a safer space for employees and customers.

The medical staff, restaurant workers, nurses, technicians – If you are one of them, you may need to invest in slip-proof shoes. Just in case you do not have one, do not worry as we have got your back. This is a minor part but very important in the workplace as it will save you from injury and spills.

We are sharing the tricks to make your shoe slip-proof with some easy tools and techniques which are effective to prevent slipping at the workplace or in public.

How to Make Shoes Slip Proof – 5 Easy Tricks

1. Try your hand at scuffing the soles of your shoes

Scuffing the soles of the shoes will creation traction and your feet will have a better grip on the floor than before. What you need to do is scrape it against concrete or rough surfaces to scuff it. Once it has been scraped, your shoes will feel less slippery on the floor.

It may sound harsh for new shoes but this is something that will save you from becoming a spectacle in public or some serious head injuries.

2. Use sandpaper to abrade the shoes

How to Make Shoes Slip Proof - sandpapers

This is the best alternative if you can’t find a surface to scuff your shoes. You can do it in the comfort of your home and as much as you would like.

No more waiting around for your shoes to wear it by itself or slipping on the floor every time you walk. Target the areas that are particularly smooth and scrape it lightly with sandpaper.

3. Stick the soles with adhesive bandages

This solution sits right in your bathroom cabinet. What you need to do is get two bandages with adhesive and stick it to your shoes – one of the heel and other around the toe part. Do not walk around with these shoes in your home though. You will end up sticking a lot of dirt instead.

4. Add salt and glue coating

I know this sounds absurd but if you do not want to scuff your new shoes and yet make your shoes non-slip at almost no cost. Make a solution of salt and glue and coat it on your shoes with the help of a brush. Dry them overnight. This will add texture to your soles and lessen the risk of falls.

5. Hairspray comes in handy

Now this is only momentarily and emergency hack that you can use to make your shoes non-slip. Hair spray works great to make things stick at a place.

Spray some of it on the soles, make it an even spray, let it dry a minute and you have got yourselves a slip-proof shoe. Do not depend on this hack too much as hair spray will wear off and you will be prone to fall on the floor again.

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