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How to Keep Feet From Sweating In Work Boots?

Sweating is a problem for all most everyone, more so when you have to work in hot and humid weather. Wearing cotton, well-ventilated clothes can soothe your body and take care of the body sweat. But sweat inside the work boot needs some special care. Learn how to keep feet from sweating in work boots in this crisp article.

Why So Sweaty?

How to Keep Feet From Sweating In Work Boots - man cleaning boots

Sweating is a normal phenomenon for all humans and is necessary to cool our bodies. The hypothalamus gland in the body sends signals and activates the sweat glands in the body whenever the core temperature rises.

Sweating causes this core temperature to decrease through a cooling effect produced by the evaporation of sweat. Most of the sweat glands are located on the soles of the feet. The amount a person sweats depends on a lot of biological as well as environmental factors. The bacteria in the feet along with the sweat give rise to the odors in socks and shoes.

Whenever you wear heavy clothes that do not allow the skin to breathe your body may sweat more than in normal conditions because the core temperature rises. Similarly, when you work in heavily lined boots, your feet may sweat excessively, making it really uncomfortable.

Read on to know how to keep feet from sweating in work boots. This is surely going to help you a lot to deal with those gross sweaty and smelly feet.

Keep Your Feet Clean

The best advice on how to keep feet from sweating in work boots would be to prioritize your personal hygiene. Shower at least once a day in normal weather and twice a day in very hot and humid weather to keep your body clean.

Rinse your feet daily with a mild scrub and an anti-bacterial soap. You can also add a few drops of essential oil in your bathing water to take care of sweating and body odour. It also helps to kill the bacteria on the skin.

Also, remember to trim your nails regularly and keep them clean.  Make sure your feet are dry before you wear your socks. This will lessen the chances of bacterial and fungal growth in the feet. Learn how to take care of your feet at home and keep them clean using this video:

Wear Clean and Breathable Socks

Smelly socks can be your biggest embarrassment at times. You may also feel gross about yourself whenever you take of your shoes. Sweating excessively at work will definitely lead to smelly socks.

Therefore, it is necessary to keep your socks clean too. Moreover, the most important thing to remember about your socks is that they must not trap the heat and make you feel warmer than usual.

Use Cotton Socks to Prevent Excess Feet Sweating

Your socks should have sweat-wicking ability to keep your feet dry while you are outdoors. Cotton socks are best in humid weather because they help your feet to breathe inside the boots.

Work boots are heavy in general and on top of that if you wear nylon and synthetic socks, it can spell doom for your feet. Not only will you feel excessively hot and uncomfortable throughout the day, but your feet will sweat and smell very bad too. Choosing socks with good ventilation keeps bacteria at bay also. 

Always Clean Your Shoes

Just like you clean your body and your clothes daily, it is also necessary to clean your shoes. Your work boots need cleaning after you wear them to get rid of the accumulated sweat, bacteria, odor and dirt inside.

Follow the cleaning instructions for the kind of boots you are wearing and wear them only after they are dry. This is why it is necessary to keep two pairs of boots for work so that you do not have to wear the same one every day. After cleaning the boots, you can stuff them with old newspapers to absorb the moisture and odor.

Alternatively, you can also put in dryer sheets inside to soak in the odor and sweat. Wearing clean shoes will lead to less sweating of the feet and bad odor. Learn how you can clean your shoes within 10 minutes from this simple video from Clean My Space.

If you bought your favourite shoes from the thrift store, learn how to disinfect shoes from the thrift store.

Chemical Solutions For Sweaty Feet

Sometimes, you may be sweating excessively, and only cleaning yourself daily may not be helping against the sweat and odors. In such cases, it is necessary to resort to chemical treatments like powders, sprays, and gels to control the level of sweating and mask the odor by eliminating the bacteria.

Just like there are deodorant sprays and antiperspirant roll on to control underarm sweat, there are ones available for the feet too. It functions in similar ways to stop the sweating of the soles of your feet and masks the odour.

1. Antibacterial Deodorant to Alleviate Foot Smell

Spraying some antibacterial deodorant inside the shoes too is a good way to get rid of the bacterial growth in the trapped sweat. People with excessive sweat issues are also advised to spray some recommended antiperspirant on the soles of the feet at night before going to bed.

Follow the process for three to four days and then shift to a once a week routine to get the best results. Remember to apply it on dry and clean feet at night and wash it off it in the morning while taking a bath.

2. Foot Powder Can Help You Prevent Excess Sweating in the Feet

Another very helpful way in this situation is using a bit of foot powder before wearing the socks. Sprinkle some talcum powder on your clean and dry feet to prevent sweating. You can also throw in a bit of it inside the shoes to do away with the odor and bacterial growth. Antifungal foot powders work really well when excessive sweating is leading to fungal infections on your feet.

If you are really worried about your sweaty feet and do not know how to keep feet from sweating in work boots, these are the best solutions designed for you.

Homely Tips – Prevent Feet from Sweating in Work Boots

Sometimes, very simple homely tricks can be the best ways to deal with sweaty feet.

  • Baking soda is an ingredient present in all homes and has a lot of other important uses than just baking a cake. It helps to eliminate odor and bacterial growth whether it is inside the refrigerator of your work boots. Other essential oils like eucalyptus oil, mint oil, etc. can be used to kill the sweat and odor inside the shoes.
  • Use heel socks containing natural elements like aloe vera and shea butter to control sweat and odor problems.
  • Black tea is another very good remedy for controlling sweaty feet. You can soak your feet in black liquor tea and let the tannin reduce the sweating of the feet.

Over To You

Taking good care of your health and hygiene and trying some little, homely ways can definitely be the key to bidding goodbye to smelly and sweaty feet at work all day. It is your turn to take action now and free yourself from feet odour.

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