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How to Get Creases Out of Leather Shoes?

I wore my favorite pair of leather shoes on my recent road trip. When I can came back, I was very sad to see my favorite pair fully creased out. There were a lot of crinkles on the shoes and it looked totally shabby. I wanted to removes the creases fast, so I started learning how to do the job fast.

After 2 days, having learned the tricks, I was able to remove the creases almost 90%. Read and find out what methods I used.

Do you know how to get creases out of leather shoes? The fastest method to remove creases from leather shoes is to use an iron or blow dryer. The heat from the iron/blow dryer evens out the crinkles gives a uniform look real fast.

If you do not want to use an iron, you can massage a few drops of shoe oil on the creases or rub alcohol on them. The oil or alcohol relaxes the texture of the leather and evens out the creases.


It’s disheartening to find your favourite leather shoes crinkled after several months of use. Leather shoes look the smartest when they are new but after a few months, they turn quite shabby because of the creases that form on the leather surface.

Even the most expensive leather can develop wrinkles because of improper storage of the shoes and flexing the foot while walking or sitting. Also, if you are wearing a large shoe that doesn’t fit you properly, there are high chances of developing wrinkles on the front part where it bends easily.

But there are ways to fix them too. Would you ever go out wearing crinkled clothes? If not, then why would you wear crimpled shoes to work?

Read further to know the best ideas on how to get creases out of leather shoes.

How to Get Creases Out of Leather Shoes

Just like ironing out crinkled clothes before wearing them, there are ways to deal with shoes too if you are worried about how to get creases out of leather shoes. Though leather is not meant to be ironed like clothes, the heat can straighten the wrinkles on the surface and get them back to their former look.

Here are some ways to teach you the tricks regarding how to remove wrinkles from leather shoes both with and without an iron.

Ironing Your Shoes

Using an Iron on the shoes is considered the best method if you are wondering how to remove creases from suede shoes. Ironing leather shoes can be done to get rid of those horrible creases but the best results are seen on sneakers.

You need to fill in the hollow inside the shoes with old newspaper and completely stuff them. This helps to maintain the shape of the shoes while they are being ironed. Remember to take off all the laces at first.

Ironing can be bad for your shoe laces. Place a cloth over the wrinkled area and moisten it with water. Iron the moistened cloth keeping it over the creases.

The steam generated in this process will straighten out the wrinkles on the surface of the shoe. Leave the shoes to dry before you start using them again. Watch how…

Using a Blow Dryer on Your Shoes

If you are freaking out about the idea of putting down the hot iron on the leather shoes, try the blow dryer. It has the same effect as the iron and can help you to remove the creases from the shoes.

Just place the shoe on a shoe tree and blow the heat on the surface of the shoes from a distance of 5 to 6 inches. It prevents the heat from directly damaging the leather from too close quarters.

Also remember to keep moving the blow dryer all over the shoe. It will help to prevent the leather from burning due to exposure to high heat. Once the surface is hot, massage the creases gently to even them out.

When the shoe cools down and the creases have gone, polish them to get back the former new look. An industrial heat gun can also do the same job as the blow dryer in the same process mentioned. You may buy this awesome blow dryer: Watch how to use a blower for removing the creases on your leather shoes in this YouTube video.

Replace the Iron With a Steamer

Another brilliant answer for how to get wrinkles out of leather shoes without damaging them with the heat would be to replace the iron with a steamer.

A steamer is less harmful on leather surfaces and glides over easily on the shoe. The process of removing the creases through the steamer is exactly the same as ironing it. You just need to use the steamer in this case and glide it generously over the wet cloth.

How to Get Creases Out of Leather Shoes without iron

Many people are uncomfortable with the idea of ironing their leather shoes or using any form of heat on their favorite pair of shoes. The idea can naturally freak you out as it is risky to deal with heat. In case you are troubled by the thought of how to get creases out of leather shoes without iron, here are two of the best ways to achieve it.

Give Your Shoes an Oil Massage

How to Get Creases Out of Leather Shoes - Give Your Shoes an Oil Massage

Yes, you read it right. It is not only your dry skin that needs an oil massage at times, but your favourite leather shoes may need it as well. Check out any oil that is gentle and safe to be used on leather and massage the area with few drops of it. It helps to soften the texture of the shoes and even out the creases.

However, you must begin doing it when the creases are little and new. The end result may not be that great when there are deep creases on the shoes already. After the massage, hang the shoes on a shoe tree to let the shoe regain its proper shape. You may try this shoe oil.

Alcohol Spray can Help Remove the Creases

Alcohol has the same effect as heat and oil. It helps to relax the texture of the leather which evens out the creases. You can easily reshape the shoes once the leather is relaxed. Just like the oil massage technique, you can spray a concoction made of equal amounts of water and alcohol on the leather shoes.

Massage the surface gently to straighten the creases. After the whole process has been done and the creases are no longer visible, apply some shoe polish or leather condition to retain the shine and smooth texture of the shoes. Do not repeat this process too often as alcohol has a drying effect on the leather.

Precautionary measures

Keep in mind the following precautions to safeguard your leather shoes always.

  • Whichever process you are applying to remove creases from your leather shoes should be first tested on a small section. Just like you first test any product you apply on your skin, it is necessary to do it before applying it on leather surfaces too. If the process is working fine for your shoe, try it on the whole thing without any worry.
  • Ironing can be good for suede shoes and sneakers but fancy leather boots shouldn’t be ironed too frequently. Even when you think of ironing them, maintain caution. Too much dampening the leather and ironing it on high heat can damage the quality of leather.
  • Avoid using direct heat on the surface of the leather shoes. Too much heat can make the shoes lose their shape. Thus, remember never to overheat them.
  • Too much of heating can darken leather. Be careful if you have light coloured leather or suede boots.

Leather shoes are quite dear possessions and nobody would really like to see them wrinkled after a few months. They are often quite expensive and cannot be replaced frequently too. You do not even need to think of replacing them now as there are such easy ways you can try them out at home yourself to get your favourite shoes to their premium condition.

Now you do not have to worry about ruining your dapper look just because of those crinkled leather boots. Just follow the different methods discussed on how to get creases out of leather shoes and fall in love with your favourite shoes all over again.

Over To You

With the knowledge that this article has given, now is the time for you take action. Work on your shoes, give it some time and make them as good as new with some simple yet proven methods.

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