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How to Break In Cowboy Boots Overnight?

I recently bought a Cowboy boot and it really pained me in the ankle when I wore it the first day. I wanted to know how to break in cowboy boots and I wanted to know how to do it fast! So I researched a full day and found some useful techniques which I am sharing in this article.

Do you know how to break in cowboy boots overnight? The most useful technique to break in a cowboy boot is to use boot stretchers by leaving them inserted overnight. You can also use a steamer or slightly dampen your boot. Freezing water inside the boot is also a popular technique.

How to Break In Cowboy Boots Overnight - boots on the shelf

Cowboy boots can never go out of fashion. These vintage-styled leather boots have been the ‘in’ thing since ages and even today they are hot favourites among men. But new cowboy boots hurt. Learn how to break in cowboy boots overnight in this in-depth article.

Wearing cowboy boots may be difficult when you try these on for the first time. They can feel uncomfortable in the beginning. To make them suit your feet you need to break in the boots.

Breaking in boots means applying some ways and methods to make the shoes comfortable for the feet without hurting yourself. To wear a new pair of cowboy boots you need to break in at first so that you do not have to hobble around with blisters and hurt feet after a few hours.

You have no idea how to break in cowboy boots overnight, right? Well, that is really not a big deal. Read on to become an expert in breaking cowboy boots and making them your feet’s best friend.

Why is Breaking In Necessary? How Long Does It Take to Break In Cowboy Boots?

Once you lay your hands upon the pair of cowboy boots you had been dreaming to possess, the first necessary action is breaking in. Do not wear them outdoors the next day you buy them no matter how expensive they are.

Irrespective of brands and designs, cowboy boots take time to fit properly and need strategic ways for breaking in. It is essential to allow a few days to make them comfortable for the feet. 

Most people wonder how long it takes to break in cowboy boots. Many people may need them urgently and wonder how to break in cowboy boots fast. It is advised that you keep a couple of days or at least 24 hours in your hand for utmost effectiveness.

How do You Break In Cowboy Boots?

People who wish to learn how to break in new cowboy boots can follow any of the following methods which suit them.

Wearing the Boots at Home

How to Break In Cowboy Boots Overnight - boots inside the house

This is one of the most basic techniques for any shoe including your cowboy boots. Most people will tell you that the easiest answer for how to break in a new pair of cowboy boots would be to casually wear them several times at home and walk around to stretch them naturally.

Before wearing your shoes outdoors you can put them on at home and walk for a couple of minutes every few hours to naturally expand the size and prevent the discomfort that comes from wearing new shoes for a long stretch during the first time. Your feet will get adjusted to the boots and will make a long walk comfortable for the near future.

Wearing Two Pairs of Socks Within the Boots

This may not seem a comfortable or impressive idea but this too can be a definite way of stretching the cowboy boots in width. The layer of socks applies pressure on the leather to expand and provide extra space for the feet. This makes it spacious for your feet the next time you wear it without socks.

Two layers of socks are necessary to allow more expansion as well as cushion your feet inside the new shoes. However, do not wear more than two pairs of socks as that would become extremely uncomfortable for walking and may cause blisters on the feet.

Dampening the Boots

Dampen the boots slightly both inside and on the outside to loosen the material and stretch them when you wear them. It may feel uncomfortable to walk around in damp boots but for the initial days it can help to stretch the material to fit your feet.

Using a Steamer

If you ask most people how to break in new cowboy boots they would suggest using a steamer but also warn you about the effects of heat on leather. Therefore, it is advised that you should be very careful about the method and go for it at your own risk.

Too much of direct heat can damage leather at times but it also helps to stretch it. Direct the hot steam towards the part of the boots which needs expansion for about 15 to 20 seconds using a steamer. When the area feels hot enough, wear the boots and walk around the house for a minute.

You can either wear them till the material feels soft and warm. It helps to fit the expanded material to the shape of the feet. You can also remove it and leave it to dry naturally. Do not use any direct source of heat on the leather boots as it will damage them. Learn how to use a basic steamer to break in your cowboy boots here in this YouTube video.

How to break in cowboy boots overnight? Other Tricks

Several people are looking for tips on how to break in cowboy boots overnight. Here is a technique that you can try if you have very less time in your hands and want instant results.

Use Cowboy Boot Stretchers to Expand the Shoes

This is an incredible idea on how to break in work boots fast. Boot stretchers can help you to expand your cowboy boots in very less time. It is also effective as well as a safe technique to be applied on the boots.

These boot stretchers can expand as much as half a size in 5-6 hours. You may have to invest a little in a boot stretcher but it will get the work done in half a day and have your boots ready to be used without much physical effort. Buy this awesome shoe tree which can double up as a boot stretcher:

Follow these step by step methods to use a boot stretcher for breaking in your cowboy boots.

  • Loosen the material of the boots by applying shoe spray on it.
  • Put the toe obstruct inside the toe box.
  • Move the handle in the clockwise direction to expand the toe square and swing it for three turns.
  • Leave it on for about five hours before removing the stretcher by moving the handle in the anti-clockwise direction this time.

Freezing Water Inside the Boots

Basic science teaches us that water expands in size when it freezes into ice. This scientific approach can also be applied if you want to try how to break in cowboy boots overnight.

Water can be frozen within the tow box of the cowboy boots to expand them in size. This method almost requires an entire day at least. The detailed steps are mentioned below:

  • Fill a sealable packet with three quarter amount of water and seal the pack completely so that not a drop can escape. Also remember not to seal in too much of air while closing the packet.
  • Put in this packet within the cowboy boot near the toe-box region. Keep the packet absolutely as near the toe as you can for the best results.
  • If the sealed packet is not fitting in properly, help to secure it in place using some crushed newspaper of folded cloth.
  • Put the shoes in the freezer overnight to expand them with the help of the ice that freezes out of the water inside the shoes. This will help the shoes to break in.

Over to You

By now, you must know how to break in leather cowboy boots and shouldn’t be facing any trouble with them anymore. Maintain all the precautionary measures and apply the technique that seems most suitable to you. But the foremost thing, be gentle with your beloved shoes and stretch them as guided for a fashionable walk every time. 

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