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How Do I Fix My Leaking Boots? Very Easy Ways

Leaking boots is a problem that none of us can deal with. So if you have the question “How do I fix my leaking boots?”, this article is a must for you. Read on.

How Do I Fix My Leaking Boots - old boot

Those who work in boots the whole day understand the pains of wearing leaking boots.  Boots are as it is heavy in nature. Moreover, spending an entire day in them can be so cumbersome. If they happen to leak, that is another story altogether.

Some boots do have a steel plate at the heels or a tough waterproof lining to lessen your woes. However, the lining may succumb in the long run. Some people have to work in outdoor industries and there are others who are working in the mining industry. These people face the brunt of it all. Let us learn how you can fix your leaking boots at home.

How Does Your Boot Gets Damaged?

Your boot may get damaged in a variety of ways. First of all they may get damaged due to wear and tear, prolonged use. They may also have struck against a sharp object resulting it in being torn. There are various types of boots, like rubber boots, rain boots, hunter boots, and factory boots. This list is not inclusive.

There are many people who wear rubber boots to work. Many people wear them while gardening, angling and also on hunting expeditions. They can get damaged due to wear and tear. If your rubber boot is split or cracked, then it is time for repair. Let us learn how you can fix your leaking boots.

How Do I Fix My Leaking Boots?

You don’t need some high-quality equipment to do the job. Just get a few things handy, which includes soapy water, sandpaper, adhesive, a brush, a dry cloth, tape, and a pair of rubber gloves.

You can also use Urethane glue. It is a waterproof glue, and it perfectly suits rubber. The glue sticks well with rubber. Aquaseal and Freesole are the adhesives that can help you.

There are times when accidents occur in the nick of time. You can carry some adhesive patches with you and stick them on, then and there. Moreover, rubber cement is an excellent adhesive to use in places far away from urban centers.

Learn How To Make Shoes Slip Proof?

There are quite a few Do-It-Yourself techniques that you can use. So, we hope that your question “How do I fix my leaking boots?” gets answered today. Follow these easy methods.

Plastic Welding

You can do plastic welding as to repair your boots using this Bondic LED UV Liquid Plastic Welding Starter Kit.

Learn how to use this kit for repairing your boot using this video below:

Buying a Few Waterproofing Products

Moreover, this is the easiest and the cleanest way to achieve your purpose. There are quite a few waterproof products, that are available in the market today. They are oils, creams, and pastes. Most oils can be used to make your boots waterproof.

However, you should remember not to use these oils in excess. The leather may soak a lot of oil and become porous.

You Can Use Creams

If you happen to work outside most of the time. Lanolin is a good example of a cream-product. You can use it freely on your boots.

Pastes Serve the Purpose As Well

There are some pastes as well, that you can use on your boots. Pastes can get to the inside part of the smallest of holes. Thus, leading to a natural waterproofing.

Waterproofing Wax Can Be a Solution

Another product that can do wonders is the waterproofing wax. Try it today and get rid of leaking boots.

Over To You

Now that you know all the options, it is time for you to take action and fix your leaking boots. Hope this article answered your query.

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