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Best Work Boots For Knee and Back Pain 2021: Fast Remedy

Searching for the best work boots for knee and back pain? Irish Setter Men’s 6″ 83605 Work Boot is the best that you can get. For more options read on.

Back pain is a common problem faced by almost everyone these days. Most people are down with foot pain and back pain after returning from work. At times these problems are ignored by us, but sometimes, they get out of hand and become too problematic.

Best Work Boots For Knee and Back Pain

Ignoring back pain or knee pain is the worst thing to do, in fact. Most of the times, the culprit is your ill-fitting shoe whose lack of proper support is damaging your spine, knees as well the feet.

Getting hold of the right shoes is very important for good health and will go a long way in eliminating most kind of pains you face daily.

In this article, we will guide you about back and foot pain caused due to wrong shoes. You will learn to choose the right kind of shoes by looking for the features that can eliminate pain. This will help you in picking up the best shoes for work that will actually protect your feet for years to come.

We have picked up some of the best work shoes like the Irish Setter Men’s Work Boots and the Danner’s Men Vicious Work Boots that you cannot help but fall in love with. Check out the list and treat your feet to supreme comfort every day.

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Best Work Boots For Knee and Back Pain – In a Glance

Why Do Some Shoes Cause Foot and Back Pain?

The weight of the body is carried by the legs and exerted on the shoes when you walk or run. Some shoes help to support the body while some affect your posture and lead to acute and chronic pain in the spine, hips, knees and feet.

The entire structural alignment of the body is badly affected when the shoes do not offer proper support. The shocks sent to the feet from treading on hard and rough surfaces are also detrimental to the health.

This is why wearing supportive shoes is something you cannot compromise with.

5 Best Work Boots For Knee and Back Pain Reviews

1. Irish Setter Men’s 6″ 83605 Work Boot

This one is an excellent work boot that you can wear comfortably all day and feel that you have made the best choice ever. Irish Setter is the premium boot for generations of workers and has always proved itself to be the best.

It is equipped with a soft insole and a cushioned wedge sole to support the feet well. The cushioned shoes help to prevent the shocks sent to the feet by hard and uneven ground.

They absorb the shocks really well and prevent any kind of pain in the foot, the knees or the back. These work boots provide great protection against electrical hazards to keep you safe.

The foot bed is supportive and the EVA outsole provides great traction on all surfaces. It saves you from slipping and falling on wet surfaces. Overall, these boots can cure your pains but supporting your feet and posture, and keeping you comfortable in all situations.


  • Moisture wicking lining inside the shoes keeps the feet dry.
  • Keeps you safe from electrical hazards.
  • Meets all standard safety norms.
  • Outsole provides best traction on all grounds and prevents slipping.
  • Cushioned foot bed and wedge sole supports the feet.
  • Comfortable to wear for long hours at work.
  • Eliminates back and foot pain completely.


  • There may be slight problems with finding the right size.

2. LARNMERN Steel Toe Shoes Men

These lightweight industrial steel toe shoes are highly recommended for work places because of its all-round protection for your feet. While the steel toe offers heightened protection in high risk jobs, the EVA midsole provides support and cushioning to the feet.

The arch support takes the shape of the feet, and cushions it immediately from shocks sent by hard surfaces. The ergonomic design and arch support help to retain the normal structural alignment of the body and eliminate all kinds of pains.

All of this is achieved while keeping the shoes breathable and extremely comfortable for all seasons. The knitted fabric upper body keeps the feet cool, fresh, and dry. The slip-resistant outsole maintains your gait on all surfaces, keeping you stable and steady, minimizing risks of falling and hurting yourself.


  • Breathable fabric keeps the feet fresh and cool.
  • Steel toe protection for high risk jobs.
  • EVA midsole cushions the feet from shocks.
  • Proper arch support helps to eliminate all kinds of feet and back pain.
  • Slip-resistant outsole provides great traction.
  • Reflective strips for night safety.
  • Shoes are very lightweight.


  • Not very durable in some cases.

3. Skechers for Work Men’s Synergy Ekron Alloy Toe Work Shoe

If you are looking for shoes that provide supreme comfort all the time, these shoes are the safest bet. These shoes have a foot bed made of memory foam which contours the feet properly and provides the best comfort and support.

The memory foam takes the shape of the feet, cushions them, but do not go flat even after the constant pressure. They are strong enough to maintain their shape and cushioning ability always.

The quality to absorb shocks protects the feet, knees and back, and gives you relief from pain. It reduces the impact on the feet, the ankles, knees and spine when you are walking or working on hard surfaces or uneven ground. The comfortable fitting and design do not exert pressure on your feet and eliminates chances of bunions, callouses, and corns.

The shoes come with a short heel and platform to support the feet and help in walking without suffering from foot pain. Lastly, the shoes also protect the feet from electrical hazards.


  • Most comfortable shoes for work.
  • Shoes are very lightweight.
  • The alloy toe is a good alternative to steel toes.
  • Provides protection against electrical hazards.
  • Provides excellent traction of slippery and wet grounds.
  • Great resistance against slipping.
  • Foot bed is equipped with memory foam that contours the feet and gives superb support.
  • Shock absorbing quality reduces impact from hard grounds and prevents pain.


  • It is recommended to go for half size larger because the toe area may feel slightly tight.

4. Skechers Men’s Holdredge Rebem Work Boot

Skechers has come up with another great work boot to put an end to knee and back pain. The foot bed is made of memory foam which cushions the feet in the best way possible.

It does not flatten out even when pressure is applied on it for long hours, and instead, keeps the bounce alive. It also adapts to the shape of the feet and cushions all the areas from shocks.

These shocks sent by the hard ground are eliminated, leading to zero pain in the feet and back. The steel safety toe and the protection from electrical hazards make these one of the safest choices for workplaces.

The rubber sole too offers great stability and protection against slipping and falling on wet, oily or uneven surfaces.


  • Shoes fit true to size.
  • Very comfortable on the feet for long hours.
  • Memory foam cushioning helps to support and comfort the feet.
  • Great shock-absorbent quality eliminates feet and back pain.
  • Safety steel toe protection.
  • Equipped with protection against electrical hazards.
  • Rubber sole for stability and traction on all grounds.


  • Not the best shoes for summer.

5. Danner Men’s Vicious 4.5 Inch Non Metallic Toe Work Boot

The Danner Men’s Vicious Work Boot is a supportive shoe that reduces impact from shocks sent to the feet when you tread on rough and hard ground for long hours. The comfortable, shock-absorbing shoes prevent chances of having any back or foot pain. The foot bed has PU cushioning which blocks any sort of potential damage to the back, hips and legs.

The EVA midsole helps to reduce stress on the joints when you wear them for long hours at work. The Vibram outsole gives you great resistance on all surfaces by its superb traction. At the same time, the shoes are extremely light as well as breathable.

The ergonomic design lets the toes remain free and comfortable while the narrowed heel space locks in the heel. The overall verdict would be to definitely go for these shoes for the best experience.


  • The shoes are breathable and keep the feet cool.
  • The PU cushioning foot bed helps to negate all shocks sent to the feet.
  • EVA midsole reduce stress on joints.
  • The support and comfort reduces pain in back, knees and feet.
  • The Vibram outsole provides superb traction against all kinds of grounds.
  • Meets all standard safety requirements.
  • Boots are extremely lightweight.
  • Ergonomic design helps in walking and keeping the feet at comfort inside the shoes.


  • Shoes are not really as waterproof as claimed.

What Features Should be Present in Shoes to Eliminate Pain?

Best Work Boots For Knee and Back Pain - knee pain

Do not just look for style while choosing shoes for work or casual wear. It is essential to look for the following features while selecting shoes to reduce all chances of pain and discomfort.

Shock absorbing ability

Your work boots should help you in surviving the shocks sent to your feet by the hard ground you continuously stand or work upon for hours. They must be adequately cushioned to absorb these shocks and save your feet.

The boots must have gel heels, cushioned insoles and midsoles, and foam padding to minimize the impact of the hard surfaces. These help to negate the shocks and eliminate all kinds of pain.

Arch support

Your boots must also have good arch support to help you in walking. The foot bed must provide the natural bounce while walking and stay strong in spite of the pressure without flattening.

The shoes should take the heel and the normal arch to diminish common foot problems. It is very helpful in keeping away back and knee pain as well. Without proper arch support, your shoes can be doing you great harm. Most of the best work boots have extra padding near the arch for proper support.

Cushioned foot bed

Always ensure that the foot bed of the shoes is properly cushioned. It keeps the feet comforted for long hours and relieves pain. You can expect lesser pain in the ankles, knees or back when your feet rest on a cushioned bed all day and lessen the fatigue.

Ergonomic design

The shoes must have an ergonomic design to suit the shape of the feet and adapt to it. This is needed to avoid unnecessary cramping of the feet inside the boots or the problems associated with ill-fitting shoes.

Without proper design, the toes may feel cramped or the heel area may become too loose and lack support. Shoes need to fit your feet properly in order to support and comfort them.

Best Work Boots For Knee and Back Pain – Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most asked questions regarding the work boots for knee and back pain are:

Why do some shoes cause knee and back pain?

Some shoes can cause major pain in the knee, back or feet because of ill-fitting, lack of proper arch support, cramping the feet, fallen heel and hard foot-bed.

Such shoes cannot provide any comfort or support to your feet, disrupt the natural alignment of the body and can lead to pain right down your spine leading up to the feet.

Which boots are best in case of back pain?

Boots that have got properly cushioned footbed are considered the best to alleviate pain. The footbeds should have adequate foam padding as well as comfortable, shock-absorbent midsoles. Your work boots should also have proper ergonomic design and arch support to minimize pain and discomfort.

Why should work boots be shock absorbent?

Your work boots must have shock absorbent quality to reduce pain in the bottom of the feet and the heels, as well as the hips and back. When you walk or stand of hard surfaces for long hours at work, the feet suffer shocks from the ground. Cushioned and shock-absorbent insoles help to absorb the shock and keep the feet safe.

Over To You

Health should be your utmost priority always. When you have to go out to work, pain in the feet and back can be very common due to the shoes you are wearing, no matter how stylish they look. You must have known by now how such shoes are responsible for the chronic pain and discomfort you face every day.

Instead of just looking for style, use the guide to look for the right features in your everyday work boots. This will help you to reduce chronic pain by a great extent and prevent them from occurring again.

Irish Setter Men’s 6″ 83605 Work Boot is one of the best work boots for knee and back pain. Or you can pick up any of the other dashing boots that we have chosen to support you at work, and help you bid goodbye to your pain.

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