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Best Women’s Walking Shoes for Wide Flat Feet 2020: Reviews and Buying Guide

In this article, we shall discuss the problems faced by people with flat and wide feet. This guide will help you understand the ways to deal with flat feet and suggest the best women’s walking shoes for wide flat feet. These shoes will indeed comfort and support your feet.

Best Women’s Walking Shoes for Wide Flat Feet
Walking shoes need to be comfortable. Credit:

Flat foot is a problem with many women, and it is quite a painful one. People with flat feet often experience severe pain after long hours of walking or standing.

It is because your feet lack the arch support that is missing in flat feet. It can be corrected through the use of proper shoes that are specially designed for flat feet.

Wearing just about any shoe even from the best of brands can go to waste if they do not support the anatomy of your feet.

Here we have listed 5 of the best walking shoes for women that are popular amongst people with flat feet. Go through the guide to buy the right kind of shoes to seek relief from your problem.   

In A Hurry? Lets Choose The Best

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Why do Women with Wide Flat Feet Require Special Walking Shoes?

Women with flat feet may experience a lot of pain due to the anatomy of the feet. Wearing shoes that are not meant to support this kind of feet structure leads to further pain.

After long hours of walking around in incorrect shoes, the inner sides of the feet can ache a lot.

Thankfully, there are a lot of brands in the market who have understood the problem of flat feet and have come up with specially designed walking shoes for women with wide, flat feet.

Wearing them can make you feel the difference soon and provide relief from the pain. Flat and wide feet require special shoes with proper arch and heel support to control excessive pronation.

These shoes also have a heel cup and a stiff sole underneath. Such additional features provide adequate support to flat feet to eliminate pain and aid in walking freely.

5 Best Women’s Walking Shoes for Wide Flat Feet Reviews

1.    Brooks Womens Adrenaline GTS 19 Running Shoe


This is one of the best shoes that you can choose for flat feet. It has been designed to eliminate pain during long hours of walking. It also enhances flexibility for the feet to aid in walking.

The cushioning is both firm and soft to provide ample padding between the feet the ground. This eliminates chances of pain that occurs on excessive pressure of the soles on hard surfaces.

It increases your stability and keeps you going without facing any of the problems associated with flat feet. The shoes are available in various classy shades for a grand look. Moreover, investing in these shoes can make them run for a long period of time.


  • Strong outsole for better grip on any surface.
  • Shoes are flexible.
  • Ample amount of cushioning inside the shoes.
  • Spacious.
  • Heel is kept low for better comfort in case of flat feet
  • Durable and can be used for a long time.


2.    Ryka Women’s Devotion Plus 2 Walking Shoe


This is another walking shoe that is quite perfect to be used by women with flat feet. It has a low arch and anatomical insole that is designed to support the feet. The shoe is wide, stretchable and does not let the feet feel cramped inside.

The firm and soft cushioning inside the shoes keeps your feet supported on all surfaces and terrains. Extra padding is also provided at the back of the collar of the shoe to eliminate friction and chafing of the skin.

You can feel the heightened comfort once you try these shoes on. The shoe is also made of breathable material that keeps the feet cool and airy even during summer months and long hours of use.

It is simply a great choice for women with flat feet and can be used for walking on all kinds of surfaces, both indoors and outdoors.


  • The inner sole does the job of a comfortable arch support.
  • The design is perfect for flat feet.
  • Shoes are breathable.
  • Keeps the feet cool and dry in summer months and during long hours of use.
  • Cushioning is just perfect.
  • The grip is good on all surfaces.


  • They run a bit small and should be bought ½ sizes larger than your size.

3.    SPIRA Women’s Classic Leather Walking Shoe


The reason for the great popularity of SPIRA Women’s Leather Walking Shoe is the immense comfort provided by them. It is best suited for women with flat feet and has been designed for that purpose.

The best thing about the shoes is that though they are made of leather, they do not make the feet feel warm and uncomfortable even in summer months. It is because the shoes have breathable perforations in the leather to let the feet breathe.

It keeps the feet cool and dry even though the material is leather in this case. Such an innovative technology must be applauded. It prevents the feet from sweating even when you wear them for long.

Coming to the special design for flat feet, the EVA midsole is made with WaveSpring technology in the forefoot and heels for the best kind of cushioning. It reduces the pressure on the foot while walking and completely does away with any kind of pain.

You can feel like walking on a cloud when you try these on. A built-in arch bridge provides extra support to the feet.


  • Available both in strap and lace-up designs.
  • Leather body looks classy.
  • Perforations in leather keeps the feet cool, dry and airy even on long hours of use.
  • Added cushioning with WaveSpring technology to eliminate pain.
  • Best suited for flat feet.
  • Built-in arch bridge for further support.
  • Foot-bed is removable.


4. ASICS Metrolyte II Shoe Women’s Walking

One of the most stylish shoes that you can get for flat feet is the ASICS Metrolyte II for women. These sneakers are just perfect for walking and can uplift your look all the time. The classy design is something that you can never go wrong with.

Coming to the design of the shoes, the midsole is soft and flexible to provide support to your feet without straining the arches. This eliminates all reasons of having pain in the foot after few hours of walking.

The cushioning provided inside the shoes also keeps your feet safe from shocks while walking on hard surfaces.

The foot-bed is equipped with moisture management technique to do away with the problem of sweat and odor. The signature design of ASICS is something you can definitely trust.


  • Lace up closure.
  • Ample cushioning inside the shoes.
  • Midsole is flexible
  • Does not strain the feet while walking.
  • Made of breathable mesh fabric material.
  • Foot bed is specially designed to keep the feet dry and free from sweat.


5.    Saucony Women’s ProGrid Integrity ST2 Walking Shoe

These shoes made with advanced technology maximises support and comfort for women with flat feet. This is a running shoe but is absolutely great for walking too. In fact, it is known as the best shoe for anybody with any kind of feet pain and other related issues.

The material used for the shoe is either leather or suede to make them sturdy for flat feet. It helps to prevent excessive pronation and retains the shape of the shoe to aid in walking.

The rubber sole is sturdy to give you a better grip on any surface you walk on. The midsole provide the best cushioning and support the flat foot. It saves the feet from shocks and excessive pressure.

Therefore, no matter how much you walk on hard ground, you can forget having any kind of pain later in the day.


  • The midsoles are sturdy and provide good support and cushioning.
  • The insoles are removable.
  • The shoes are spacious for wide feet.
  • Eliminates pain caused due to long hours of standing and walking.


Buying Guide Women’s Walking Shoes for Wide Flat Feet

Important Things to Consider While Choosing Special Walking Shoes for Wide Flat Feet

The market has quite a number of shoes claiming to be meant for flat and wide feet. While we will list 5 of the best products for you, it is also necessary for you to take note of the critical factors that must be present in special walking shoes for flat feet.

It will help you to search out models yourself using these tips and pick out the best one. Always remember to check whether the shoes you are planning to buy has these unique features listed below:-

Spacious Toe Box

The problem with flat feet is that they excessively bend inward while walking. This kind of movement can cause painful swelling in the big toe joint because it gets pushed towards the other toes constantly.

When you wear shoes with a narrow toe box, the problem is aggravated further, causing extreme pain. This is why women with flat feet require shoes with a wide toe box area. It helps in walking and dismisses the chances of foot pain.

Supportive Built

People with flat feet pronate to a great extent and need shoes that can retain the shape well and remain sturdy to contain the feet well. Most of the shoes for flat feet are made of leather for this purpose.

It helps to retain the shape of the shoe and lessens the problem of pronation.  The shoes are often made of a combination of mesh and leather. 

Sturdy Midsole

People with flat feet require shoes with strong and sturdy cushioning. This implies not a stiff midsole but one that is comfortable in cushioning the feet and does not compress when pressure is applied. It is necessary to retain the shape of the cushioning midsole when your feet press on them.

At the same time, the midsole should be soft and must keep the feet flexible, aiding in walking. It absorbs the shock when you walk on hard surfaces or rough terrain to eliminate pain associated with flat feet.

Supportive Outsole

The outsole of the shoes must have a good grip on the ground for better traction on all surfaces. Deep furrows on the rubber outsole provide better traction and flexibility.

Arch Support

Generally, people with flat feet do not require any arch support inside the shoes until and unless they are experiencing severe foot pain. Often, a firm midsole can solve the problem easily. Arch support can at times, seem uncomfortable for the feet.

However, some people with foot pain may be medically prescribed shoes with arch support to get rid of injuries and lessen foot pain.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Walking Shoes for Wide Flat Feet

Here are some of the frequently asked questions regarding walking shoes for wide, flat feet:-

What is flat foot?

Flat foot is a condition where the shape of the foot lacks the arch that is generally there between the heel and the ball of the feet. In this case, the sole of the feet touches the ground when the person is standing.

Why is flat foot troublesome?

Flat foot is a troublesome condition because it causes pain while walking. Wearing shoes other than those meant for flat feet can worsen the pain.

What kind of a shoe is necessary for flat foot?

People with flat feet need shoes that have a firm midsole with proper cushioning that keeps the comfortable, and at the same time, retains its shape even on pressure. The toe box area should be wide to control pain.

Do you need arch support for flat feet?

No, people with flat feet do not require artificial arch support to be inserted inside the shoes until and unless they are prescribed to control severe pain in some cases. Otherwise, you do not have to look for arch support in shoes.

Which brands are better to choose in case of flat feet?

Shoes from brands like Saucony, ASICS, Ryka and Brooks are good for flat feet. We have listed few of them above.

Learn these exercises for wide flat feet.

Over To You

The guide should have solved your queries regarding the problem of wide and flat feet. Follow the guidelines in choosing the right kind of shoes to support your flat feet condition.

You can also look for the shoes that we have picked out for your problem. However, the best shoes for you should be the one that fits you like a dream.

Try the shoes and go for the one that has the best fitting and comfort.  You can feel the difference in pain once you put on the correct shoes designed for your feet.

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