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Best Shoes For Walking In Sand 2021: Complete Buying Guide

Looking for the best shoes for walking in the sand? Mishansha Mens Womens Water Shoes is your perfect choice. Read on for more options!

Shoes for Walking In Sand - couple at the beach

Walking on the beach or participating in beach activities is the best kind of vacation for many people. After days of slogging in the cities, all they look out for is a vacation along the sandy stretches of coastal land.

But every time we think of walking on the sand or participate in beach sports, the shoes become a complete mess. We all hate those sand crusted wet shoes that take forever to dry and get the sand particles out. They also irritate the feet after walking for long and become quite a nuisance.

In this guide we shall talk about shoes that have been designed for walking on the sand. To put to rest all those irritating moments spent in a vacation complaining about how messy the shoes have become, here is all you need to know about shoes for walking on the sand.

We will help you in understanding the features that your shoes must have to resist the sand and also dry quickly when you wear them on the beaches.

Follow the guide to know what type of shoes you must look for and also go through the exciting list of products that we have specially fished out for you. The UBFEN’s Women’s Water Shoes and the ALEADER Quick Dry Water Shoes can completely change your experience on the sandy beaches.

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Best Shoes for Walking in Sand – In a Glance

Why Do You Need Special Shoes for Walking In Sand?

For the best experience of walking on the sand and carrying out other exciting beach activities, you need the right shoes to walk on sand. A casual stroll can be done in rubber sandals but for a long walk, or for a game of beach volleyball, you require some special shoes.

These shoes would protect your feet and prevent the uncomfortable entry of sand into the shoes. The material they are made of helps to keep the sand from sticking to the surface of the shoes and getting inside.

They also help you in walking smoothly over the sandy shores with proper support and stability. Moreover, they must also be light, breathable, and comfortable while being sturdy too.

5 Best Shoes for Walking In Sand Reviews

1. Mishansha Quick Dry Water Shoes

This is the shoe that has been designed for men and women to walk smoothly on the sand. Carry this for your beach adventures and have the best walking experience you ever had before during any seaside vacation or expedition. The upper body of the shoe has been made with lightweight lycra material to make it easier to carry the shoes while also making them dry fast.

Whenever you move to the sandy shores of a beach, you need shoes that have good cross ventilation and dry fast. This shoe has got all such qualities and is also resistant to salt coating from the sand. The shoe has also got multiple holes on the bottom surface to let the water flow out easily, regulate air circulation, and keep the feet cool.

The rubber sole minimizes chances of slipping and lets you walk easily. It is quite easy to wear the shoes thanks to the convenient design and the elastic straps meant for better fitting. These shoes are comfortable for all kinds of beach activities like walking, swimming, surfing, sailing, beach volleyball as well as yoga.


  • Salt resistant upper material.
  • Created out of lightweight lycra material.
  • Offers good draining and dries fast.
  • Holes in the bottom allow free flow of air and water.
  • Helps to keep the feet dry and cool
  • Easy to wear and take off
  • Elastic straps give flexibility.
  • Anti-slipping outer sole.
  • Excellent for all beach activities.


  • The grip can be better than it is on wet surfaces.

2. Zhuanglin Men’s Quick Drying Aqua Shoes

These shoes have been crafted from the best fabric suited for beach activities. They are breathable because of the mesh upper body which regulates air flow inside the shoes. The mesh upper body and the holes on the sole also allow fast drying.

The midsole provides bounce and cushioning to support the walking while maximizing comfort. The outsole is great for wet, slippery and unstable surfaces even by providing brilliant traction.

The shoes have been designed with a sock liner inside, making them healthy and comfortable. In short, this can be your stylish shoes for a hike along the beaches.

It keeps the sand away from your feet, aids in walking and also dries quite fast. You can expect greater stability and flexibility which are needed to walk on sandy grounds.


  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Breathable mesh lining on the upper body.
  • Shoes dry really fast.
  • They keep the feet cool and healthy.
  • The non-slip rubber sole provides good traction and stability.
  • Shoes are great for walking on sand.
  • Drainage holes do not trap water and particles inside the shoes.
  • Cushioned midsole provide comfort and bounce. 


  • They are not very useful in preventing the entry of sand inside.

3. UBFEN Women’s Water Shoes

This shoe is a dream come true for hikers and can help you in a lot of other activities like dancing, yoga and beach sports. They are so smooth and flexible that you may feel you just have your socks on.

Yet, they are sturdy enough to support you as long as they are on your feet. They are very lightweight and extremely comfortable to say the least. The outsole provides good traction and resistance against the sand. It helps you to gain stability while walking on the sand and prevents skidding.

The bottom of the shoes has holes that prevent the entry of sand and other particles but allow water to move out freely. They prevent sand from getting inside the shoes and dry very fast, making these suitable for beach hiking, boating, sailing, cycling, fishing, beach volleyball and other activities.


  • Perfect shoes for women for walking on the sand.
  • Great shoes for all beach activities.
  • Stylish appearance.
  • Easy to wear and remove any time.
  • Shoes are ultra-lightweight.
  • Extremely soft and comfortable.
  • Shoes dry quickly after getting wet.
  • Holes in the outsole prevent entry of sand but allow drainage of water.
  • Keeps the feet cool and breathable.
  • Provides good resistance against all surfaces and stability to walk on all grounds.


  • It becomes loose once it is wet. It is recommended to get a smaller size.

4. SIMARI Men’s and Women’s Water Shoes

Crafted out of 92% polyester material, these shoes are ideal to brush off the sand and prevent it from entering inside the shoes. You can expect the mess to be minimal on the beach because of the smooth exterior body of the shoes.

The upper Lycra body is quite stretchable to make the shoes fit you perfectly and offer good flexibility. This is highly needed for hiking and other beach activities. The material and design enhance breathability and help the shoes to dry quickly.

Each shoe has 8 holes in the sole to keep the feet cool and allow drainage of water. But these holes are small enough to prevent the entry of sand and pebbles or other debris.

The rubber soles also help you retain your stability and balance on the sand, prevent slipping on wet grounds and protect the feet from sharp objects. They are simply the best you can find for beach hiking and all other beach sports.


  • Exterior build prevents the entry of sand inside the shoes.
  • Shoes are stretchable and provide flexibility.
  • The holes in the sole allow quick drying and drainage of water.
  • Shoes keep the feet cool, dry and breathable.
  • The soles help to prevent entry of debris and protect from sharp objects.
  • Shoes provide great traction and stability on sandy and wet surfaces.
  • Extremely comfortable to wear for all activities.
  • Stylish look and design.


  • Shoes may seem a bit larger. It is recommended to go for half size smaller than usual.

5. ALEADER Men’s Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes

The mesh body men’s aqua shoes are just the right thing you need to be on the sand or near the water. They are perfect for your beach holidays as they are equipped with the ability to prevent the entry of sand and dry very quickly after getting wet.

The rubber sole provides good traction on all surfaces and keeps you stable while walking on sand. The grip is really good even on wet grounds.

The midsole aid in the walking by providing both comfort and bounce. These lightweight shoes keep the feet cool, dry and healthy by allowing the feet to breathe. The mesh lining on the upper body and the holes on the sole allow quick drainage and drying while restricting the entry of sand.


  • Best shoes for water activities and for walking on the sand.
  • Shoes do not allow the entry of sand inside.
  • The mesh upper body keeps the shoes dry and breathable.
  • Holes on the sole allow quick drainage and drying.
  • The rubber sole provides good grip and stability on all surfaces.
  • Fits really well and is very comfortable.
  • Shoes are very durable.


  • Toe box area can seem a bit wide if you have narrow feet.

Important Things to Consider While Choosing Shoes for Walking In Sand

Here are four of the most important things to consider while purchasing shoes for walking on sand. Look out for shoes having the following features:

1. Cushioning

Contrary to the popular belief that sand is soft and smooth, it can actually be very coarse and may have a lot of debris and other materials hidden.

They can come in your way and hurt your feet if the shoes do not have cushioned footbeds and puncture-proof outsoles. It is very necessary to ease your process of walking or carrying out other beach activities.

2. Support

Your shoes should provide you ample support for walking and running on the sand. It should provide good grip on the uneven surfaces and prevent unsteadiness and chances of slipping. You should be able to walk well even on wet surfaces.

3. Resistance

The most important quality in your shoes must be the resistance against water and sand. The shoes must prevent sand from getting inside and even if they do, there should be ways to let out the sand quickly too.

Since these shoes are mostly going to be used near the beach, they must also have fast drying capability along with being waterproof.

Look for outsoles with proper drainage holes that allow water to exit but do not allow the entry of sand particles. The surface of the shoes must be smooth enough to slide off sand particles. 

4. Fitting

Lastly, you have to ensure that your shoes fit properly. Otherwise, they are no good at all. Ill-fitting shoes can not only make your feel uncomfortable and wobbly on the sand surfaces but also get the sand inside the shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shoes for Walking On Sand

Here are some of the frequently asked questions regarding shoes for walking on the sand:-

What difficulties can be faced while walking on the sand?

Walking on the sand in deserts as well as in sea beaches can get tough when the shoes get crusted with the sand.

Coarse sand particles entering the shoes can be very irritating too and can hurt the feet during a long walk. Moreover, uneven sand surfaces can be difficult to walk on without supportive shoes. 

What type of shoes is best suited for walking on the sand?

Shoes meant for walking on sand have the quality to resist sand particles owing to their smooth and slippery upper body. They also have good grip on the surface to prevent chances of slipping or falling.

The fabric of the shoes should not allow sand particles to rest on it and they should also be waterproof or fast drying in nature. Moreover, these shoes must prevent the entry of sand inside the shoes as well as have good ventilation to let small particles out.

What special features should I look for in the shoes?

The features that you must look for in your shoes are that they must be waterproof, they should dry fast, have drainage holes, they must be breathable, they should have supportive outsole, and the material must resist the deposition of sand particles on the upper body.

Over To You

Hiking through coastal areas or a vacation in the desert can become better if you have supportive equipment such as shoes for walking on the sand.

The right kind of shoes on your feet can do wonders. They will make the hiking experience much better than before.

So now you know what to look for in your shoes before planning a hike along the beaches. Follow the guide and the list of shoes that we have picked up keeping your needs in mind. Just go for the best shoes for walking in sand, Mishansha Mens Womens Water Shoes and get ready to take on some exciting adventure.

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