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Best Safety Boots For Electricians 2021: Reviews and Buying Guide

Are you in search of the best safety boots for electricians? Undoubtedly, the Skechers for Work Men’s Workshire Relaxed Fit Work Steel Toe Boot is the best in the market, but for further options, read below!

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Electricians are always surrounded by danger while you are working, and proper uniform is necessary to save yourself from the disaster. Here is a list of best safety boots that will save you while you are working.

In a Hurry? Here is the Best One!

The Skechers workshire are made while keeping two very important features in mind, and that is the comfort as well as support. Moreover, it comes with a rubber sole, a great insulator, and saves you from a lot of haphazard. The boots also come with memory foam which means you will not have to worry about foot aches or discomfort at all.

Best Safety Boots For Electricians – In a Glance

5 Best Safety Boots For Electricians Reviews

Let us take a look at the best safety boots for electricians.

1. Skechers for Work Men’s Workshire Relaxed Fit Work Steel Toe Boot

If you are looking for boots that will protect you and not burn a hole in your pocket, then these are the perfect option for you. They are made of leather and rubber, which is the USP of these shoes. These boots provide comfort and support hand in hand.

The shoes’ shaft is about 5.25 inches, the heel is around 1.5 inches, and the shaft is about 0.75 inches. The boots come with memory foam, which will allow you to stay comfortable throughout the day. The shoes will provide complete protection from all sorts of slips, falls, and electrical hazards. So, rest assured, you are going to stay safe.

The full-grain leather material is super smooth, and it doesn’t break easily. The shoes have a lace-up design and come with a protective soft toe. The sole too has high traction. The design of these shoes is classic and rugged, and they are available in two colors. Also, since it has a full lace enclosure, it will let you have the perfect fit.


  • Has a lace-up design
  • The fir of these shoes is relaxed, and they keep you safe
  • The shoes protect electrical hazards as well as slips
  • The shoes are constructed with leather and high traction rubber sole
  • The leather material which is used is smooth and has a very low break-in period.


  • They are not waterproof
  • Doesn’t have speed laces


These shoes are perfect for the ones who work for a longer period of time. They come with alloy safety toes, have anti-fatigue footbeds, provide waterproof protection, and the outsoles resist slipping.

The full-grain waterproof leather has a waterproof membrane that locks out the water and keeps the foot safe. The shoes also have an allow safety toes, which will keep your toes protected. It has a cement construction as well as cast-metal hardware.

The shoes have Antimicrobial – treated linings that control the odour, and the fiberglass shank provides structural support. The shoes come with dynamic anti-fatigue technology polyurethane footbeds as well as dynamic arches.

The outsoles of the shoe are made of TPU, and the outsoles are oil, heat, slip-resistant. The heat resistance is up to 248 degrees Fahrenheit. Lastly, these shoes come with a 30-days comfort guarantee.


  • The shoes have an alloy safety toe
  • They come with a waterproof membrane
  • The leather is waterproof
  • Has Anti-fatigue technology
  • The shoes have Electrical Hazard protection
  • The shoes are constructed with All-weather TPU outsole.


  • Few consumers find them uncomfortable
  • Lacing then isn’t easy
  • The composite toe makes the feet cold.

3. Caterpillar Men’s Threshold Waterproof Steel Toe Industrial Boot

These shoes are a great combination of durability, safety as well as comfort. These tough shoes are made for all sorts of jobs. They are waterproof and have a sealed seam construction. Since they are made with ERGO technology, they are a perfect fit and will move with your body.

The slip-resistant traction outsole not only prevents the wearer from slipping; it keeps them safe from all sorts of electrical hazards. The steel toe protection will keep your feet from injuries related to falling of objects etc. And the lace-up closure will give a secured fit.

The ERGO technology provides ergonomic comfort, and the cushioned insole (removable) will keep your feet comfortable without making you feel an ounce of discomfort. The rubber outsole exceeds the ASTM slip-resistant standards.

The shoes have a fabric-lined interior as well as fabric-covered tongue and padded collar, which will provide long-lasting comfort. There is also a fabric pull tab on the heel of the back, which allows the wearer to wear and remove the shoes easily.


  • Has rubber traction outsole which is slip-resistant
  • It will keep the wearer safe from electrical hazards
  • Comes with waterproof leather upper and has sealed seams
  • Has a lace-up closure
  • Has a removable cushioned insole


  • The quality to price ratio isn’t satisfactory.

4. Carhartt Men’s CMF6366 6 Inch Composite Toe Boot

The Carhartt composite toe boots are traditionally designed boots that are perfect for electricians. They are made of water-resistant grained leather and have boot laces that are durable and waterproof. These shoes are super comfortable because of the upper support, which extends to the ankle.

The lacing system of the shoes is very comfortable since they have eyelets, studs as well as loops. The laces of these shoes run easily through the d rings as well as eyelets so you can wear these shoes instantly. The boots give a snug fit because of the close traction of the laces.

The boots have a certification ASTM standard for the electrical hazard. The outsole of the shoes is slip, oil, as well as chemical resistance. The insole of the shoes provides support to the foot throughout the day.

The boots have a cemented construction, which provides stability to the body. The shoes have a padded collar as well as a padded tongue, which will prevent the laces from digging into the skin and causing pain. The ASTM certification will provide EH protection, so basically, you can wear these shoes and do almost everything.


  • The shoes come with 365 days warranty
  • The outsole of the shoe is rugged fleece
  • The leather is oil-tanned
  • The shoes have chemical resistant
  • They are slip-resistant.


  • The boots are water-resistant and not waterproof
  • There is zero insulation
  • The laces are thin.

5. ROCKROOSTER Men’s Work Boots

These shoes are great for all sorts of work culture, be it mechanics, construction workers, etc. but they are best for electricians because the sole of these shoes is made up of synthetic as well as COOLMAX fabric, which means that the fabric will not allow the moisture to build inside the shoe so that the feet can stay drier and cooler as well as away from the skin problems caused by sweat.

The fibber structure of the shoes is excellent as it provides insulation to the feet on cool and dry days, in other words, the shoe provides protection, allows the feet to breathe, allows them to stay comfortable by keeping them lightweight and providing endurance. The sole of the shoes releases static electricity directly in the ground when the wearer has worn sweaters or is driving. Moreover, the outsole of the shoes is slip as well as oil-resistant.

Since they are made of oiled and full-grain tumbled leather, they are water-resistant and slip-free. The insoles provide a lot of comfort since they are made of memory foam. The memory foam doesn’t allow the feet to feel any kind of fatigue. Lastly, the shoes are Kevlar Puncture resistant since thy have anti-puncture soft plates embedded in them.


  • Has a memory foam insole
  • It is puncture resistant
  • Made of Coolmax and Poron Xrd support
  • Drains the static energy.


  • The zipper of the shoe is unprotected and will rub on your leg while you are working
  • The ankles aren’t tough.

Best Safety Boots For Electricians Buying Guide

Factors You Need to Keep in Mind While Choosing the Best Safety Boots for Electricians

Best Safety Boots For Electricians

As you are going to be surrounded by wires and electricity most of the time? The first feature that you should look for in the shoes is high voltage protection.

1. Electrical Hazard Protection

The boots should have a certification from personal safety agencies like OSHA, ASTM, etc. for the protection against electrocution. If the shoes have an EH-rating, they are designed to protect the wearer from voltage up to 18000.

2. Have Dual Density sole

The boots should be made of materials of two densities, like rubber and polyurethane. This way, the outer layer will save you from all haphazard, and the inner core will provide your support, etc.

3. Insulation

Another important factor you have to consider is the insulation since you are going to work even in the cold temperatures your boots should have to keep you safe and warm

4. Waterproof

water resistant - boots on snow

No matter where you are working, whether it is indoors or outdoors, there is always a chance of spillage. The waterproof shoes saves you from getting electroeluted. Ideally, the shoes have a moisture-wicking lining.

5. The shoes should provide protection

The shoes should have protection guarding various types of equipment like safety toes, metatarsal guards, etc. which will protect the foot from falling things, etc. the shank guards are present under the heel, arch as well as the balls of the feet, they protect them as well as guard the foot.

6. Oil Resistant

The oil resistance is important because when the rubbers come in contact with any kind of materials like chemicals or oils etc. they soften and then disintegrate. So the shoes should be able to withstand them. The abrasion resistance is important because if the shoes get scratched, rubbed, or scuffed, then the rubber will be worn out and later cause problems.

7. Chemical Resistant

Chemical resistance is required because the shoes should be able to withstand any sort of chemical attack. Slip resistance prevents an accidental fall due to slipping thereby preventing bone injuries. So the boots should have the ability to resist sliding on any floor. Heat resistance is important because it will reduce the risk of injuries because of the heating of wires and cables etc.

Best Safety Boots For Electricians – Frequently Asked Questions

Why does an electrician require conductive footwear?

The conductive footwear protects the wearer from any kind of hazards, like the accumulation of static charge, etc. The conductive footwear is usually made of materials that don’t provide any sort of electrical resistance. This is why an electrician requires them, as it will save them from all sorts of electrical hazards.

What is the difference between dielectric and ASTM-EH boots?

ASTM boots are made of rubber, and they require an extra amount of protection. The ASTM boots are usually over the foot or overshoe kind of footwear. Whereas the Dielectric boots are those boots that are worn by the people who work in those areas where there is a high risk of getting electric shocks because of high voltage.

Why is it important for electricians to wear static dissipative boots (ESD)?

The static dissipative boots have insoles, linings, and cement, which conduct static electricity into the ground, outsoles, etc. The ones wearing these shoes should make sure that they should be wearing socks and that their feet aren’t too dry since these boots collect the static charge.

Is it mandatory to have waterproof boots?

Definitely, it is important to have waterproof boots, because electricity tends jumping high if it comes in contact with the waterproof. So no matter where ever you are working, you should have waterproof shoes.

Over to You

Good footwear is a necessity for all individuals, no matter in which field they are working. Electricians require special shoes due to the nature of their work.

Without any doubt, the Skechers Workshire Relaxed Fit Work Steel Toe Boot is one of the best safety boots for electricians. Other options were provided in this guide as well. I hope that this list helps you find the perfect boots which suit your needs and styles.

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