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Best Roofing Work Boots In 2021 For Utmost Safety

Looking for the best roofing work boots? Timberland Men’s Chocorua Trail Mid Waterproof Boot with a rubber sole is the best available in the market. For other options, please read on.

best roofing work boots - timberland chocurua

We all know how roofing can be a physically demanding and potentially dangerous work site. No one would want to compromise the safety at a roofing job site. If you are a roofer, you have landed in just the right place. Today we review the best roofing work boots.

In a Hurry? Choose the Best…

Of course, comfort is one of the factors that I look for in the work boots however my workplace requires me to wear the work boots with the steel-toe feature.

I would stick with Timberland shoes, to begin with as they have a popular name in this work footwear market. They are made from genuine leather and are also waterproof.

Standing on the ground or even concrete is one thing and standing on the roof that is made from different materials and slippery at the same is a totally different thing. As a roofer, you should invest in the special and best roofing work boots.

Best Roofing Work Boots – In a Glance

5 Best Roofing Work Boots Reviews

We did some research and here we are unlocking the reviews of some of the best roofing work boots in the market.

1. Timberland Men’s White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle boots

Timberland is a popular brand when it comes to work shoes for men and now also for women. They have a range of leather shoes, hiking shoes and roofing boots to cater to all kinds of footwear requirements at job sites.

It is made of leather with rubber soles. These boots come with a large toe box with plenty of room for your feet to rest comfortably inside. You will need some time to break them in just like any new shoes. They become comfortable rather quickly and can run up to 500 miles annually.

You will need to invest in good insoles for them as they do not provide support to ankles. They are warm enough and keeps your feet warm even while it is snowing outside however I would wear wool socks with them to not get frozen outside.

The waterproofing needs to be renewed every six months in contrast to what Timberland promises.


  • Comfortable fit.
  • Genuine leather.
  • Keeps the feet warm in below zero temperatures.
  • Stays good for a year.


  • The boots are not completely waterproof
  • If you leave them unattended after wearing them, the leather spoils.
  • You need to invest in good insoles to break into these boots.

2. Carhartt Men’s CMX4023 Lightweight Casual Wedge

Yet another popular brand with a range of work footwear and boots. Carhartt is known for its comfortable sneaker-like work shoes. These boots are no surprise feels comfortable on the feet and does not tire you down.

Unlike most work boots, these will not require breaking in and you can wear them as soon as you get them. They are a comfortable fit for the feet.

The boots are not meant for heavy work or places where you will need to kneel for a long time. However, they look casual and stylish in the work environment.

The soles start to come off if you engage them in heavy roofing work and you will need to replace them immediately. These boots come with laces that hold the boots in place all day long.

The only downside to this is that the rivets for the laces are in all wrong places. They tend to bend if you kneel and stab you on the inside of the shoe.

The leather on the boots looks rugged and yet very lightweight. Since these are wedge boots, it provides better arch support. The boots will last up to a year with regular use.


  • Work boots and yet provides comfort like mocassins.
  • Fits well in narrow feet too.
  • Durable and will last for a year with regular use.
  • Comfortable
  • Good arch support.


  • The soles start to separate from the leather.
  • The laces do not hold up nicely.
  • The rivets for the laces come off after a month.

3. Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Vent Mid Hiking Boot

The new rising brand in the men’s hiking boot world is Merrell Men’s Moab Mid hiking boots. The boots will not require breaking in and you can wear the same day you buy them. These boots work perfectly on hard surfaces or small stones and pebbles.

The boots comes with a lace-up style. They are loose enough to easily put your feet inside and therefore you will need to lace them up tight to make it fit perfectly on the feet.

They are extremely comfortable on the feet and fit really well. The boots will keep your feet cool even in summers outside however they are not waterproof.

You can easily put up to 700 miles on these boots before you think of replacing them. If you are struggling with foot problems or pain at the end of the workday, these are the boots for you. They are comfortable even after you stand all day into them and support your feet.

The soles start to come off that you can replace easily. The other downside of these boots is that rubber soles starts to come off from foam cushion.


  • Super comfortable
  • No feet fatigue even after a long day at work
  • Keeps the feel cooler in warm summer day


  • Not waterproof
  • The laces need to be tied tightly or the boots start to come off
  • You will need to get good insoles.

4. Keen Utility Men’s Flint Low Steel Toe Work Shoe

This is your best pick if your work needs you to wear steel toe work boots. Keen boots are comfortable to wear and you won’t feel fatigued up to 10 hours straight. The steel toe stands tall for its feature and you can have dock plate fall on your feet and yet no damage or physical injury.

These boots come with good airflow and are breathable. You won’t be going home with stinky feet after a long day at work. The price is a bit on the higher side as compared to features and other boot prices in the same category however it is okay to pay a few dollars extra for lightweight comfortable boots.

I was able to gather very important information about Keen while doing my research, these shoes are in fact wider shoes allowing you more comfort. Even with steel-toe features, the boots do not feel clumsy to wear and your feet have enough space inside.


  • A steel-toe feature that can save your feet from physical injuries at work.
  • Comfortable to wear for long hours.
  • Breathable and do not stink up the feet


  • Not waterproof
  • The ankle of the shoes starts to wear off very quickly and stabs on the inside exposing the plastic frames of the boots.
  • The sole separated from the exterior of the boots after kneeling for a few hours.

5. Timberland Men’s Chocorua Trail Mid Waterproof

Another work boot option from Timberland and these are also waterproof. These boots are suited to walk on all-terrain, all-weather, and still hold up nicely. The boots are very comfortable and fit even the wider feet. The boots are sturdy and true to their size.

The waterproofing will need to be renewed after a few months of use. You can easily register a couple of hundred miles for these boots.

The boots do not feel bothersome even after the outer layer is worn off. You need to stretch them or break into them. Much after they feel like you are wearing slippers.

The boots will stay comfortable even if you are on your feet for up to 12  hours. However, the downside to these boots is not being breathable. Your feet will stink terribly if you sweat a lot.

The insole wears out and feels a bit flimsy after long use. The laces hold the boots nicely and yet you will need to replace those after a few months’ initial months.


  • Feels comfortable on feet.
  • Size available for wider feet.
  • Waterproof


  • The laces will require replacement.
  • Makes your feet stink after wearing it for long hours
  • Pricier than other boots of the same category

6. Golden Fox Work Boots Men’s 6” Plain Toe Wedge Boots

The boots are a great choice to wear at work and especially roofing. They have a comfortable fit and light in weight. That does not tire down my feet as I have to wear them for more than 50 hours a week.

The design is unique and it sews the soles of the boots to the exterior layer to prevent wearing off. The boots do not tear off from the sole and are durable. Golden Fox also provides a rear strap to keep the boots in place. The boots are waterproof and water does not slip inside.

These are leather boots so they will demand some after-care solutions however leather is good quality and stays true to its nature. The only downside in the design is the rivets. They have been placed at the wrong places and stabs my foot inside that causes pain.


  • Quality leather and appearance
  • Waterproof and lightweight
  • Wedge sole is comfy to wear


  • The insoles start to wear off.
  • The rivets start to stab the foot on the inside.
  • It requires a lot of after-care.

Best Roofing Work Boots Buying Guide

What Makes the Best Roofing Work Boots?

  1. Safety – The foremost concern for any roofer is safety. You should get the boots with non-slip soles to prevent any tripping hazards.
  2. Weather – Also consider the weather when picking the best roofing work boots. You need the boots that keep you warm in the snow and keep your feet cooler when the temperature rises outside. Don’t forget the rains. Rains make it very slippery for roofs to work.
  3. Comfort – You will be standing all day or have your feet fixed in one place for long hours. You need the boots that are comfortable to wear and does not make your sweat inside.
  4. Durable – Working on roofs means working with concrete, tar, abrasive surfaces. The roofing boots should be able to withstand all these workplace abuses and stay durable.

Features of a Good Roofing Work Boot

  • Should save you from tripping hazard.
  • It should not cause damage to the roof or make deep lugs into it.
  • Lace-up nicely so water didn’t slip into boots.
  • Should have the steel-toe feature.
  • Should withstand all weather conditions.
  • Slip-proof

Most important of all, the roofing boots should fit you perfectly. It should support the arch of your foot and reduce foot fatigue. Once you can rest your foot inside the boot comfortably you can make a good grip to stand on roofs for a long time.

Best Roofing Work Boot – Frequently Asked Questions:

Would you recommend roofing work boots for snow? Are they warm enough?

Yes, you can use these boots on snow. They have been designed to work on any roof surfaces including the snow. They will keep your feet warm enough.

Can I buy roofing work boots to gift to my sister? She works on roofs

Yes, many brands have boots for women too.

Is roofing work boot waterproof too?

The outer surface is waterproof. Tie the laces tightly so water won’t slip inside.

Are roofing work boots heavy? I feel tired after being on my foot all-day

The boots are lightweight. They weigh around 200 grams each. Some brands provide foot fatigue technology so you need to check with brands like Timberland.

Do roofing work boots have non-slip soles?

No, these boots do not come with non-slip soles. They have patterned sole design to work on snow however get non-slip soles to work on slippery surfaces like rains or oil surfaces.

I see mink oil being suggested to buy with roofing work boots? Can I use my regular shoe shine or it has a suede-like texture?

Do not use mink oil on waterproof boots. Most boots have a suede-like texture. You can wipe them clean.

Over to You

To keep safe on uneven roofing surface, invest in the best roofing work boots that are comfortable to wear, non-slip soles, and keeps you warm in the snow. When in doubt, pick the one that is waterproof and provides a good grip.

Timberland Men’s Chocorua Trail Mid Waterproof Boot is the best roofing work boot that can best suit your needs. You have other good options as well which have been listed properly for your ease of selection.

Choose a boot which is waterproof and has a good grip even on slippery surfaces and stay safe on the roof.

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