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Best Lunch Cooler For Construction Workers 2021: Complete Buying Guide

MOJECTO Large Cooler Bag is the best lunch cooler for construction workers. Read on to know about the other options and their reviews.

Best Lunch Cooler For Construction Workers - mojecto

No joy compares to having a good meal and a cold brew after a hard day’s work. Except, having a good fresh meal during work. It is not news that the best cooler for construction workers has to be sturdy and capable of retaining the temperature at a construction site.

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Best Lunch Cooler For Construction Workers – In a Glance

Best Lunch Cooler For Construction Workers Reviews

1. AO Coolers Original Soft Cooler with High-Density insulation

It is an ideal choice for people who are out in the sun for a longer duration. It comes with an easy strap so you can carry in the back of your car or strap it to your truck. AO Cooler can maintain the temperature inside and keep the drink, OJ, or ice cubes very easily. The temperature retention capacity wears off but very slow for you to notice.

This is a good steal among in an affordable price range amidst some pricey ones as it lives up to its description of the product. It is big enough to hold smaller bottles however not recommended if you are going to use 1-liter water bottles.

It is a soft cooler or but sturdy. In some cases, it can keep the drinks cool for as long as 48 hours. This cooler in a lot of variations like 12 can, 24 can, 36 can and 48 can so you can pick your best one. The only downside to this cooler is that its capacity to keep things cool wears off over a certain period.


  • Able to retain the temperature for over 24 hours
  • A sturdy bag with strong zippers
  • Comes with shoulder strap and handles
  • Easily fits below a car seat.
  • Travel and flight friendly. It can fit into cabin luggage.


  • Will lose the retention capacity slowly.
  • It cannot maintain a very low temperature.
  • The interior of the bag is too small to carry everything at once.

2. eBags Crew Cooler JR.

The cooler agrees with the name eBag because it has space for everything that you think you will carry to your workplace – lunch, snacks, keys, cutlery, napkin, medicines, soda cans. It can carry a sizeable weight and shoulder straps are strong enough to carry it all however you may not depend them on too much.

eBag is big enough to carry essentials and practical at the same time. The pockets in the bag are all lined and easy to clean. The best thing about the bag is that it comes with hand handles and shoulder straps. The only downside is the insulation.

The removable liner of the bag is easy to remove and wipe clean. I wish the side pockets were a little big and bag had some inner pockets. You can keep towels wrapped to bottles or cans to separate them from other drinks. I am always on lookout if they will spill.

Overall, a good option for everyday lunchbox and cooler.


  • Lightweight and travel-friendly.
  • Decent good quality for the early days.
  • It has room for your drinks, lunch, and all the other essentials.
  • The stitching of the bag, nylon material used and zippers are worth their bucks.


  • The straps are on the lid half and that is the most annoying part about carrying it.
  • Sturdy but not rigid. The bag does not stand by itself.

3. Mojecto Large Cooler bag

Mojecto takes away all the brownie points for its storage capacity. It has been designed keeping the construction workers in mind by adding many pockets and compartments to store.

This lunch cooler comes with a lifetime guarantee making it an instant hit with the construction workers. This cooler can easily withstand the abuses at a construction site and still be a working mate.

It comes with a separate insulated section for your lunch and drinks. So your sandwich will stay fresh and not soggy. And your drinks will stay cool.

The mesh bag pockets will wear off easily and the lining isn’t the greatest quality. The drinks will stay cool only up to 12 hours. There are two zippers and both of them re decent quality.

The bag comes with velcroed pockets to strap it on luggage and carry a newspaper or magazine. Something I haven’t experienced with other coolers or lunchboxes yet.


  • A good balance between the main section and other extra sections.
  • The inner lining is removable so you can also use this bag as one large cooler if needed.
  • Mojecto comes with a lifetime guarantee and it is no joke. They actually make full refunds if the customer isn’t satisfied. You should check the guarantee and refund policy for more details.


  • The Velcro is a disappointing factor as it loses the grip very easily.
  • A good alternative for other high prices coolers in the same category.

4. Engel Cooler Dry Box 19 Q

Engel Cooler is a perfect mate for the construction worker at the job site. It is a hard box and easy to carry. It is one of the many from the dry box cooler series and comes in various colors as well.

The latch on the box makes it spill-proof and hinges on the top compartment make it easy to open and use. It is a compact design with a shoulder strap and a hanging accessory tray. The best part of this box is that it is a dry box. It can store your drinks and lunch but also your camera, phone, or electronics.

The hinges aren’t the strongest part of the box. They break off after a few uses. The manufacturers will replace the hinges however it is not covered under warranty.


  • A sturdy hard box cooler with a dry compartment for lunch.
  • It comes with a tray to keep extra items like napkins or medicines over the main compartment.
  • It is lightweight instead of being a hard box and the latch stays close all the time.


  • The hinges aren’t really the strong part of this box.
  • The lack of insulation to keep the drinks cooler for more than 12 hours. If you are looking for a cooler to keep your drinks colder for more than that, this bag will be a disappointment.

5. MIER Insulated Cooler Backpack Leakproof Soft bag

This is what every construction worker has been dreaming about – A backpack. It comes with multiple pockets, mesh pockets on the side, insulation covers to keep your drinks cool and zipper pockets for storing extra things.

It comes with a divider to keep your lunch and drinks in separate compartments. With padded shoulder pads, the backpack is easy to carry and does not dig into shoulders if you carry more weight.

It can fit up to 5 cans at most. The zipper is way up in the backpack which is really the best feature of the backpack. It will store and keep the drinks cool for up to 12 hours only.

It is a Chinese made product and design is very appealing and practical. However, the inner lining of the bag and zipper starts to fall apart after a few uses. The bag stores enough for one person.


  • Hands down the best feature is the backpack design.
  • The external pockets are good enough to keep your snacks and other items.
  • The pull handles on zippers make it easy to use the backpack.


  • The zippers get stuck into the linings very often.
  • The inner lining of the bag is not very good quality.
  • The seam starts to rip after a few uses.

Best Lunch Cooler For Construction Workers Buying Guide

If I were you, I would prefer to have a cooler that carries my lunch, my beverages, and also some snacks. The men who work at the job site are big built and a small box without shoulder strap will not work for them.

Manufacturers love to tell you all the good things about their product but the question of the hour is what suits your needs the best? That will come from understanding what are the needs of construction workers.

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Our reviews are designed to give you an overview of all the best coolers on the Amazon and high ranked in this category so you know what is popular and pick the best one.

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Best Best Lunch Cooler For Construction Workers

A problem that a lot of cooler sellers and manufacturers fail to register is that construction workers are big guys and working construction is more than 8 hours per day job.

We have come up with some categories and factors that construction workers consider before buying a cooler for them. Here they are:

Need insulation to work for more than 24 hours

Working construction is a tough job. Sometimes it takes more than a day or two. Plus the commute we need to take to reach the job site.

The construction workers will have peace of mind if they know that their lunch and drinks are not under a ticking insulation bomb. It should stay insulated and maintain the temperature for a solid 24 hours.

Enough space availability

As mentioned earlier, the cooler will have multiple uses and not just cooling the drinks. It needs to be large enough to carry it all in one go and not having to get another box or cooler to carry extra things if needed.

The construction workers also like to carry some normal lunch accessories like cutlery and napkins. Won’t it be wonderful if we had pockets for them too!

Easy to carry

A big built person has problems normal people do not comprehend. Like being able to carry their lunch box or coolers. A shoulder strap provided in the cooler has to adjustable enough to fit a grown 6’3” man. Also, it needs to super strong to be able to carry the weight of the drinks and food inside.

Spill-proof and leak-proof

Having a spill-proof cooler is a blessing under the summer sun. The construction workers are often seen carrying ice cubes with them to maintain the temperature and also add it to their drink. All they need is a leak-proof and spill-proof cooler to not make a mess during lunch hour.

Easy to get replacements or repair

Construction job sites are no picnic. If there was an accident to happen that requires a replacement of defective part or repair, the construction workers will easily pick the brand or manufacturer that makes it easy for them.

Best Best Lunch Cooler For Construction Workers – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I fit it under my car seat or strap at back?

Yes, most products fit under the car seat or can be strapped at the back of the car however you will need to use extra strapping ropes.

Will I need an extra ice pack or ice cubes to keep my drinks cool?

The coolers come with insulation that can keep your cold drink cold. If you are someone who likes chilled drinks, then using ice cubes is advisable. You can also use an ice pack to maintain temperatures.

Since it is cooler, does it have enough space to store my lunch or other things?

Most coolers provide with extra pockets on the outside in also inside to keep your lunch or cutlery and napkins along with it.

Is it easy to clean and store inside a fridge if needed?

A large number of customers store this cooling bag inside the fridge when not in use so the drinks will stay cool all the time.

Will the manufacturer repair or replace the zippers? I am a big guy and I often struggle with poor-quality zippers.

This is a concern for many. Zippers in the side pockets works mostly fine as they aren’t used as much as the one on the main compartment. You might go a little easy on the zipper in the main compartment though. The manufacturers of most brands do not cover zipper repairs.

Over to You

In conclusion, you may have to trade off some of the features for another to get the product that you desire. I have tried to weigh the pros against the cons for you. This article is a good read before making the purchase from Amazon for the best cooler of construction workers.

All in all, MOJECTO Large Cooler Bag is surely the best lunch cooler for construction workers. You have other options as well as mentioned in this guide.

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