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Best Steel Toe Boots For Oil Field 2021: Complete Buying Guide

Several professions require workers to be properly equipped for the job to save them from the hazards associated with it. This article is to help you shortlist the best steel toe boots for oil field.

Working in an oil field does not categorize under easy jobs. It is a stressful job that requires special protection on the field. Apart from personal protective equipment like special clothes, gloves and eye protection, proper steel toe boots too are very important for working in the oil fields.

Boots meant for oil fields must be equipped with special toe caps made from sturdy material like steel. This helps to save the feet from injuries and accidents caused by heavy machinery and sharp objects.

Best Steel Toe Boots For Oil Field - oil rig field

In this article we will try to help you in choosing the best boots for working in the oil field. You can get to know the practical problems faced by workers and learn ways of dealing with them.

Here we have listed 5 of the best steel toe boots that will help you work better in oil fields while prioritizing your safety.

In A Hurry? Choose The Best

5 Best Steel Toe Boots for Oil Field

1. Muck Chore Classic Tall Steel Toe Men’s Rubber Work Boots

This one is considered as one of the best choices you can make in buying steel toe boots for the oil field. It is simply the best when it comes to safety combined with utmost comfort. No wonder it is so well-reviewed by users and is highly recommended for working in the oil field.

With its supreme build, strength, durability and comfort, it makes it worth investing your money. It has got a leather body with a rubber sole. It has also got shock absorption and heat resistant qualities to make it the safest choice in the oil field. These waterproof work boots provide flexibility and the soft fleece lining adjusts to your feet easily to eliminate chafing and blisters.

Since steel toe boots generally tend to be heavier, this one has been built using neoprene for the calf area which makes these boots absolutely lightweight. This is truly another added benefit to consider buying this since lightweight boots are always welcome for long hours.


  • Warm for cold climates
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Steel toe provides great protection
  • Extremely flexible and takes the shape of the feet
  • Provides great traction on concrete surfaces
  • Classy and attractive
  • Easy to wear
  • The boots are lightweight
  • Absolutely waterproof in nature


  • These can be warm in summer months or hot climates.
  • It can feel slippery on wet surfaces.

2. Worx by Red Wing Shoes for Men

Red Wing is known to make the best and the most popular boots for oil fields. They have earned rave reviews from all corners for their supreme construction and comfort. It has been considered by many to be one of the best choices for working in the oil field.

The Worx boots by Red Wing have been designed for industrial purposes and are highly functional. The top grain leather body is attached to the rubber outsole with Goodyear welt construction to make them highly durable.

The rubber outsole eliminates all chances of slipping or tripping over accidentally. These boots are waterproof in nature and keep your feet warm even in very cold environments.

The steel toe construction is also commendable for these boots and can provide you with great protection from heavy and sharp objects. They also feel highly comfortable on the feet when you wear them for long hours at work.

On a whole, these shoes are just perfect for rough and tough outdoor work and industrial uses such as in an oil field and save your feet from all hazards. You can completely trust and invest in these boots.


  • Steel toe provides the best protection
  • Boots are waterproof
  • Extremely comfortable even for long hours
  • Durable Goodyear welt construction
  • Stylish in appearance
  • Traction is excellent because of rubber soles
  • Strong body made of full-grain leather.
  • Keeps feet warm even in very cold climates.


  • Heavy in weight.
  • Boots tend to run smaller and thus you must get one size up.

3. Wolverine Men’s Drill Bit Boot

Wolverine Men’s Drillbit Boot is another safe choice for the oil fields. It is a lightweight boot when compared to others with a Boa fastening system making it comfortable for the feet.

The rubber outsole provides great traction against all surfaces, making it a sturdy choice for rough conditions. They are waterproof and can provide comfort for the entire day which is very important for oil field workers with uncertain working hours.

Most importantly, the steel toe construction provides great protection to the feet from falling objects, sharp edges and electrical hazards. This is one of the best choices for durable and well protective oil field work boots.


  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Keeps the feet warm and dry.
  • Rubber outsole provides great traction in all surfaces.
  • Boa fastening system enhances comfort.
  • Waterproof in nature.
  • Designed to withstand long hours of use.
  • Durable welt construction.


  • May seem narrow for wide feet.

4. Timberland PRO Men’s 53522 Powerwelt Wellington Boot

The next one on our list is the Timberland Pro Men’s Powerwelt Wellington Boot. This has been engineered to withstand long hours of use and provide maximum protection in high-risk zones like oil fields.

This makes it a great choice as a functional work boot for oil field workers. It has a steel toe cap with the mid-high shaft.

The material used for the boot is a combination of full-grain leather and synthetic leather to make it more resistant to heat and chemicals.

It keeps the feet warm and is decently comfortable too for long term use. The Goodyear welt construction makes it a durable choice while the rubber soles provide high traction and prevent slipping.

On the whole, these boots are very good to consider when you need full support, protection and confidence at work all day long. It is also a perfect thing to pick up given the price and especially if you are looking for boots within $150.


  • Great choice for working in the oil field.
  • Comfortable to wear for long hours.
  • Steel toe built provides great protection from accidents.
  • Waterproof in nature
  • Provides resistance against slipping.
  • Available in affordable price.


  • These are quite heavy.
  • The Everguard synthetic leather is not very durable and can wear out on constant use.

5. Ariat Men’s Groundbreaker Wide Square H2O Steel Toe Work Boot

Ariat is known for making the best work boots prioritising strength and durability. This Groundbreaker Wide Square H20 Steel Toe Boot is another choice that makes it to the list because it is widely recommended by all users.

One of the bestselling ones in the market, these boots are great for oil field workers who spend long hours in wet and cold environments.

In fact, these boots have been crafted keeping in mind long work hours for oil field workers and are meant to provide full support during those strenuous times. The specially designed foot bed keeps the feet comfortable all throughout the day, eliminating the chances of blisters and pain.

The insole has also got a moisture-wicking quality to keep your feet dry all day. The midsole made of gel and EVA is great for absorbing shocks and saving you from accidents.

In short, this boot from Ariat has the 4 layer footbed design for optimum support and comfort. The outsole is absolutely slipping resistant in all conditions which make it a great choice to eliminate accidents.


  • 4-layer foot bed is designed for extreme comfort and protection.
  • Slip resistant outer sole for better grip on the ground.
  • Very easy to put on.
  • Feels comfortable and keeps the feet dry all day.
  • Designed for long work hours.
  • Steel toe construction provides great protection for workers.


  • The narrow design may not suit people with wide feet.

Why Do Oil Rig Workers Require Special Boots?

Best Steel Toe Boots For Oil Field - worker

Oil field workers are vulnerable to injuries and accidents at work since it is a high risk job. Steel toe boots are special requirements in an oil field because they offer utmost protection to the workers. These are primarily the reasons why oil rig workers need special boots:

Protection From Falling Heavy Objects

Your feet may get hurt from any heavy object such as a tool or machinery falling down suddenly by accident. This can lead to sprains, fractures and other serious injuries.

Steel toe boots can withstand weights up to 75 pounds from a maximum height of 3 yards. This keeps you safe from such accidents.

Protection From Sharp Objects

Steel toe boots can also save your feet from stepping on sharp objects by accident in the oil field. They also safeguard you from sharp things falling on your feet and cutting through the surface of your shoe.

Protection From Slipping

Steel toe boots are made to grip the ground surface which prevents you from slipping and falling or tripping over. This is the most common cause of accidents in oil fields which can be prevented by wearing these special boots.

Protection From Extreme Heat and Shock

Another factor that all oil field workers must be careful about is heat and electrical shock. Sturdy and shock proof steel toe boots will help you to prevent these hazards in the field.

Important Things to Consider While Choosing Best Steel Toe Boots for Oil Field

Best Steel Toe Boots For Oil Field - boots

From the innumerable products available in the market, it is important to find out the right kind of boots that keep you safe and comfortable in the oil field.

You must consider these few important things that will guide you in choosing the best kind of steel toe boots to aid you in your job.

Toe Cap Material

Since the main job of the boots is to provide protection against all kinds of hazards, they must be sturdy and shock-resistant. The three types of toe cap materials used for oil field boots are steel, aluminum and composite material.

Composite toe boots are usually made from rubber or carbon and are very durable. Aluminium too provides utmost protection while being lightweight to carry. Steel toe caps are heavy but are generally preferred by workers in the oil field.

Check the reviews of the products and the specifications properly to ensure that the toe cap material is sturdy, durable and meets safety standards.

Slip Resistance Build

Your oil field boots should definitely have a slip resistance build to safeguard you from slipping over. Thus it is necessary to go for boots whose outsole material can grip the ground well and negate the tendencies of slipping.

Usually, you can get TPU, EVA and rubber soles for oil field boots. TPU is good in providing resistance against oil and sediments while EVA while being both comfortable and resistant, are not that durable.

It is best to go for rubber which has natural properties to grip the ground and provides great resistance against sediment and oil or other chemicals in the oil field.


A lot depends on the construction of the boot to make it suitable for different work fields. Cement constructions attach the outsole to the rest of the boot with the help of the cementing process but are not easily repairable once they get damaged.

On the other hand, welt construction boots are better for the oil fields because they are more durable. They are expensive than cement ones but can be repaired easily every time.


Last, but not the least, everything goes into vain if the boots do not fit you properly. Ensure that the boots you choose fit the shape of your feet properly and keeps you comfortable throughout the day at work so that you do not come home with blisters.

Learn How to Break In Cowboy Boots Overnight which can be used to break in steel toe work boots as well.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Oil Field Boots

Here are some of the most asked questions regarding boots for oil field workers:

What is a Steel Toe Boot?

A steel toe boot is one that has a steel cap inside the toe box region of the boot. It is built inside the outer covering of the boot when it is made and is meant for giving protection to high risk workers. These boots are made maintaining the safety requirements by ANSI/ASTM guidelines to protect your feet.

Is It Better to Buy a Steel Toe or a Composite Toe?

Both the steel toe and the composite toe provide protection to the feet at work and are made maintaining the safety guidelines. Composite toes are lightweight but slightly pricey whereas steel toes may be heavier but are generally preferred more by people for better protection. So choose one that suits you, is within your budget and fits you comfortably.

Which Outsole Material Is The most Durable One?

Cement construction outsoles are bound to the leather by an adhesive which makes them less durable and difficult to repair. On the other hand, welt construction ones, especially Goodyear Welt is considered the best choice in this case. The outsole here is stitched to the leather and is durable and strong.  

Wrapping it up

By now you know why steel toe boots are so important for workers in an oil field. They prioritize your safety while providing you comfort all throughout the day at work. This guide must have helped you in understanding the types of boots available, the right ways to choose the best boots and most importantly, the best products available in the market.

Search out the boots that we have listed for you or choose ones that you like based on the tips and suggestions provided and pick up the one that you find best suited for your needs. Never let an accident come in between you and your work ever.

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